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Zoom & Enhance: Things That Make You Smile



Hey, marketers and marketing enthusiasts! While we often zoom in (and/or enhance) on specific marketing trends that keep you sharp and competitive, it's also nice to zoom out. To take a big step back from the impressions and the conversions and the acronyms (OMG!) and appreciate the little things. The stuff that might have you saying "huh, that's kind of nice!" or "those guys are really killing it, aren't they?" or just "thank you, universe—what a time it is to be a person who communicates digitally!"

This month, with the holidays upon us, we look at a few things that give us the warm and fuzzies. The stuff that has organizations and brands giving back to their fans, customers and communities, bringing a smile to our otherwise cold and indifferent marketing faces.

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We're thankful that our peers at the Television, Internet & Video Association (TIVA DC) recognized us with five industry awards last week, including two golds! Attending our sixth gala event, LAI Video humbly picked up the awards for our uplifting documentary on stroke prevention, A Teachable Moment, and our stomach-turning series on politics, The Swamp





First, we're thankful for farmers. Well, bankers, too. In this month's spotlight, we look at the ongoing One Mission, Many Voices campaign for the Farm Credit Council. From sweet "potaters" to oysters, we traveled across the country to hear how small business owners could not have expanded their farms without a little help from people who "get" them.


Good video for good people​​​​​​​

Cinematographer on a Mission

While LAI Video is proud to support some really great organizations, we're equally proud when our team members support the community on their own terms. This year, Cinematographer De'von Wellesley used his video-making superpowers for good, traveling to South Africa to document the amazing work of Mission H.O.P.E.




don't go breaking my heart

And finally, we're thankful for Sir Elton John's mum for giving him a piano when he was a little boy. In this beautiful "advert" for John Lewis & Partners (a very British phrase for a very British department store), the viewer reminisces with The Rocket Man himself, whizzing through his extraordinary career to that moment that changed everything. For everyone.



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