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Defining the LAI Video Customer Experience


As the Video Department at Leading Authorities grew to become LAI Video, we transformed from producing videos designed to support speaking engagements to videos designed to deliver key corporate and association messaging; and with that, we added a whole new level of expertise. From cowboys to fertilizer, and vinyl to packaging, we had to expand beyond the realm of speakers.

LAI Video Customer Experience

When we work with clients on video projects, we strive to become subject matter experts. Yes, we always tell the client, “no one knows your industry better than you”, but the truth is, we really do make every effort to quickly get up to speed on their issues to provide them with a cohesive product. While working with our clients day in and day out to script, shoot, animate, and transform their messages into perfectly polished videos, our team can’t help but learn the ins and outs of the various industries. We’ve witnessed  many issues over the last few years and used our services to inform viewers or change public opinion on a wide array of topics – like combating the rumors about “pink slime” in the meat industry, educating the public about the many benefits of vinyl products, and helping railroaders look back at the long and successful history of their industry.

LAI Video Customer Experience

And why do our clients like working with the LAI Video team? Well, in addition to providing fantastic videos that deliver their key messaging, we can’t help but show them how much we love them. We love retailers. We love nurses. We love dairy foods and clinical researchers. We love home appliance manufacturers, real estate developers, and chain drug stores. We go above and beyond to be more than just a vendor to our clients. We are their partners – and we are their friends. We will stand beside them to celebrate their industry, and we will be indignant towards those that combat their work. We are all about the customer experience. It is our goal that every client who comes to us for video help not only loves the final product, but also falls in love with the process.

LAI Video Customer Experience​​​​​​​

Plus, it gives us plenty to talk about at parties.

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