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The LAI Video Studio

The LAI Video Studio is a blackbox space that offers something minimal yet fitting for a variety of messages and brands.

High Quality Equipment

Conveniently located in Washington, D.C., our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art media resources, perfect for delivering professional content.

The Studio includes:

  • Professional video, lighting and audio
  • Single or multi-camera programs
  • Basic backdrops or custom sets (please inquire)
  • Teleprompter

Delivering Your Messages

We rigged a massive scrim to contain and rain down stunning overhead light.  Whether you’re delivering a direct address message, off-camera interview or an in-depth one-on-one conversation, we’re illuminating your spokespeople and talent to be comfortable. To be beautiful. And to be credible.

The Studio is best used for: 

  • Direct address
  • Pick-up interview
  • Panel conversation (up to four participants)
  • Photoshoots
  • Product photography
  • Webcast

The Perfect Set

Our first preference is still the same: capture people in a natural setting. Whether it's an office, construction yard, toy store or laboratory — be authentic! But when you need a quick and convenient shoot, our studio backdrop will not overwhelm or conflict with your message — it will make it shine.

Time To Get In The Studio!

Connect with us to explore our video studio availability.