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The LAI Video Studio

The LAI Video Studio is a blackbox space that offers something minimal yet fitting for a variety of messages and brands.

High Quality Equipment

Conveniently located in Washington, D.C., our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art media resources, perfect for delivering professional content.

The Studio includes:

  • Professional video, lighting and audio
  • Single or multi-camera programs
  • Basic backdrops or custom sets (please inquire)
  • Teleprompter

Take a look at the video we shot in The Studio for ACLI. We shot this video to help ACLI better explain life insurance to their customers, utilizing our studio and adding animation to make the content easier to understand.

Delivering Your Messages

We rigged a massive scrim to contain and rain down stunning overhead light.  Whether you’re delivering a direct address message, off-camera interview or an in-depth one-on-one conversation, we’re illuminating your spokespeople and talent to be comfortable. To be beautiful. And to be credible.

The Studio is best used for: 

  • Direct address
  • Pick-up interview
  • Panel conversation (up to four participants)
  • Photoshoots
  • Product photography
  • Webcast

The Perfect Set

Our first preference is still the same: capture people in a natural setting. Whether it's an office, construction yard, toy store, or laboratory — be authentic! But when you need a quick and convenient shoot, our studio backdrop will not overwhelm or conflict with your message — it will make it shine.


Check out the video we shot for CropLife. We transformed The Studio into a game show set where viewers felt like they were watching an actual game show take place.


The New Studio

Our Senior Creative Director, James Favata, explains how the new studio has a modern feel where simple looks the best. Watch more about The New Studio here.

Filmed for the Final Image

Whether we record your message inside or outside of our Studio walls, we'll consider all of our office's potential backdrops to identify and dress a setting that matches your message.


1-person-background-office-medium 1-person-studio-backdrop-medium-1 1-person-studio-backdrop-medium-2

   1-person-studio-backdrop-side-1  1-person-studio-backdrop-dark-1

2-person-office-backdrop-close-1  2-person-office-backdrop-wide  2-person-office-backdrop-close-2

2-person-office-backdrop-wide-2  2-person-office-backdrop-close-3


Contact us to learn how you can film your next video in the LAI Video Studio!