Portfolio: All Those Years | LAI Video

All Those Years

We concluded an epic five-year project with the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee that celebrated the importance of zero injury safety. Each year, we debuted new installments in a series that answered the “who, what, where, when, and why” of construction safety. From Terminator-style special effects to graphic novel-inspired illustrations, we pushed the cinematic limits of the series to finally end on a more emotional, more personal note—highlighting the individuals that make zero injuries happen every day.

A Nostalgic Look Forward

Keeping our focus on the workers themselves, we devised a multi-part concept that would honor two essential groups: The veteran “old-timers” and the young “new guys.” Justin devised nostalgic narrated scripts that emphasized the industry’s relentless cycle—whether you’re leaving or entering this profession, you will execute the same safety measures to protect yourself, your peers, and your families. Regardless of your craft or generation, these principles bind all workers. They define the many men and women in union construction.

Slow Your Roll

The LAI Video crew grabbed their hard hats and set out to several construction sites and apprentice training courses in the Mid-Atlantic region. Using high-speed photography, Jun, Phil, and De’von directed and captured slow-moving video portraits and action b-roll to present an epic ensemble of proud professionals. In between video ops, Sarah got to know several workers, conducting interviews that would drive a third behind-the-scenes featurette. Based on their own experiences, the veteran craftpeople shared powerful stories to serve as a reminder to others why zero injury safety isn’t a goal. It’s a necessity. Phil and De’von cut together the three new videos, which debuted at the 2017 Zero Injury Safety Awards in Washington, DC, to officially end what became a five-year and 13-part narrative.