Portfolio: Fireside21 The Better Option | LAI Video

The Better Option

We worked with the DC software firm Fireside21 to target newly-elected Congressmen and their staff about using a cutting edge CRM platform. But this video “pitch” is not a boring “how-to” tutorial. It’s an invigorating meet-the-team featurette about a group of coders that used to be staffers themselves.

The Modern Day Fireside

Showcasing the large, open office as our backdrop, we used closeups of candid, intimate firesides (if you will) — testimonials from Fireside21 staff. After all, the company is named after FDR’s signature method of relationship-building. It became obvious that we needed to feature the team speaking in their own words; not about how the software works, but about their unique perspective of Hill Staff.

Admins Talking to Administrations

During a loaded day-long shoot, we produced a final piece that may be Fireside21’s only opportunity to enlist new business among new administrations. With touring b-roll and sweeping shots of the young team in action, Sarah, Favata and Phil wanted to paint a picture of a very practical approach — a method that’s not engineered by a large tech company, but rather informed by the experiences of a small group of local ex-staffers.