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Clark Family Spotlight

1 in 6 kids in America are hungry and it’s the mission of No Kid Hungry to change that. But how do you tell an emotional story without sensationalizing the issue or exploiting its subjects? We partnered with a New York filmmaker to capture the honest perspective of a family just on the other side of the poverty line and illustrate the ongoing struggles many Americans face in trying to make a living and support their children.

Hunger is More Than a Statistic

While No Kid Hungry isn’t hurting for data surrounding the issue of childhood hunger, it takes an qualitative story to move people to action. Melinda, Tori and Loizou pitched a decidedly emotional approach to bolster the non-profit's fundraising efforts. Let’s connect a broad audience to the real struggles of a real family that has the opportunity to move towards a better life only with the help of NKH-funded school programs. After reviewing hours upon hours of footage, it was clear that the Clark family could embody this message.

Find it in Post

Sifting through daily interviews with Natasha and her two children, Victoria and Andre, Jun masterfully found a redemption story of a family adapting to a new life. In candid heart-to-hearts, an overworked mother and her kids reflect on challenging times with limited food to eat. Keeping from becoming too melodramatic, the video shifts in tone to show the positive impact that specific school programs have on students. Viewers follow Victoria and Andre into bright and colorful classrooms and cafeterias, as teachers and administrators talk about the power of a well-fed, well-provided child. These programs make a difference for the Clark’s and, with continued support, will make a difference for millions of other families in America.