Portfolio: DCPS Persists "You Got This” | LAI Video

"You Got This”

DC Public Schools came to us looking for a memorable way to introduce its new DCPS Persists program, an initiative designed to raise the college graduation rate of DCPS alumni. Inspired by popular social media trends, we produced a promotional video that speaks comfortably to a TikTok generation fluent in influencer culture, reminding students that as they take their next steps ahead, DCPS has their back.

A Familiar Face

Starting with the class of 2020, DCPS Persists will provide graduating seniors with a support network, coaching, and tools to help them transition to college and succeed at their new institutions. With nearly 80 percent of jobs in Washington, D.C. requiring some form of post-secondary education, the school system recognized that these resources can play a valuable role in helping students achieve their full potential.

Casting the Coolest People (Us)

After learning about the program’s goals, Melinda, Favata, and Alexandria put their heads together, conceptualizing a relatable approach for high school seniors whose school year was anything but typical. Using our own team members as the video’s featured coaches, we prepared a message for social media-savvy viewers – even more befitting for a class that unexpectedly spent its last few months of the school year online.

Filming DIY-Style

Embracing a self-produced aesthetic, we set out to emulate the original content creators propelling some of Gen Z’s favorite social media apps. As scriptwriter, Justin wrote a fast-moving and entertaining promo that featured De’von, Favata, and Tiffany as our spokespeople. Mike mimicked popular app motion trends, including the “clone effect” and “which are you” filters. Striking a balance between a user-generated aesthetic and a carefully thought-out commercial, the final video inspires confidence among DCPS graduates that they’ve “got this” – and that their Persist coaches are here for them, too.