Portfolio: DocInfo.org's Promo Video | LAI Video

DocInfo.org Promo

The Federation of State Medical Boards came to us looking for a memorable way to promote its new website, DocInfo.org. We prescribed animation to define the online database in a clear and friendly tone, as well as illustrate the online tool’s easy-to-use interface in an equally easy-to-watch viewing experience.

Animation is the Best Medicine

For over a decade, DocInfo.org has helped consumers verify important background information on licensed doctors across all states. While planning a redesign of the website, FSMB sought our help in producing a video for its homepage. The video would be designed to explain the physician search tool for new visitors, as well as offer a quick demonstration differentiates the platform from other physics databases.

Produced in parallel with the development of the website itself, Susy and Loizou suggested rendering an animated world that would not so literally mimic the site’s UX, but instead offer a conceptual walk-through of the tool’s key functions.

The Picture of Health

Tiffany and Rob devised a visual language that highlights the universal experience of seeking a doctor online—something reminiscent of but distinct from our last collaboration with FSMB on the medical licensure compact. Taking what could have been an exclusively “vector” aesthetic, the video applies grainier textures and quirkier character moves to reflect today’s fast-paced digital world. Justin drafted a script that embraces a friendly, to-consumer voice, while Stephanie and Susy worked with FSMB to understand and address the issue of patient trust with healthcare providers. Transporting viewers through the process of seeking a physician, the video is at once relatable—choosing a doctor can be difficult!—but also colorful and playful.

A Smaller Pill to Swallow

In addition to the full-length video, we also created thirty- and fifteen-second spots that drive traffic to the website through digital ads. Even within these cutdown videos, the main message is clear: DocInfo.org puts critical physician information comfortably at your fingertips.