Portfolio: The GovCon Awards | LAI Video

Stepping Up and Giving Back

LAI Video was excited to team up with the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce to produce a series of thematic spotlights promoting the chamber’s values and government contractor member businesses. While the series made its debut at the annual GovCon awards ceremony, the videos will live on as an identity series serving as an essential reminder that this sector is ready to step up to an array of challenges and give back to the community.

Assembling Our GovCon All-Stars

We worked closely with our contacts at the chamber to identify 12 individuals that could speak to the many ways the government-contracting community is helping the chamber meet its strategic goals. The voices of sponsors, member advocates, government contractors, and service providers guided the message throughout each video.

Plain Speak (with Lots of Graphics)

We used an eye-direct system to allow on-screen talent to convey plainly yet powerfully the passion and knowledge that drives their work. We made use of the chamber of commerce’s impressive headquarters by utilizing the stunning atrium and branded conference rooms as compelling backdrops for each interview while paying homage to the industry as a whole. To add to the direct and intimate camera angels, we used kinetic typography with a hard-hitting percussive underscore to give the videos a sleek and high-tech feel. These elements come together seamlessly to capture the spirited energy of the chamber and the region it calls home.