Portfolio: Honors NRF Foundation Video | LAI Video


We partnered with the NRF Foundation on its sixth, newly-rebranded fundraiser event, Honors, with a sweeping video package. A promotional teaser excited attendees about the upcoming purple carpet event. A show opener reminded retail A-Listers and donors about the Foundation's cause. A pair of tribute videos announced the night's biggest winners. And a recap video was made mere hours after the event to continue the show's marketing circle of life. 

A New Honors

Since 2015, the premier retail fundraising event has brought together influential people to support the next generation of talent, while celebrating innovators who are changing the industry. In 2020, we helped re-wrap the gala with the new "Honors" branding, adding a more contemporary aesthetic for an event that lasts much longer than one night. Rob introduced an elegant, ever-moving white flare that travels across cities and retail scenes in-between its resting position swirling around the new "R" ribbon.

The Students Are The Stars

In two separate shoots leading up to Honors, we produced videos that featured the Class of 2020 Next Generation and Student Challenge Scholarship Finalists. Both filmed at New York's YouTube Space, Sarah, Jun and Jordan directed individuals and groups to tell their unique retail stories, while enjoying a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of the location and New York itself. The final edits juxtapose glamorous photo shoots with fish-out-of-water b-roll, creating earnest portraits of sharp students ready to begin their careers in retail. Both videos were designed as emotional anchors to Honors, playing moments before the winners were announced.

The Talk of Times Square

At Honors, we crafted a story in near real time. Sarah and Jordan interviewed the who's-who List of retail icons as they dazzled across the purple carpet. Jun was special-ops, armed with a gimbal stabilizer to glide and maneuver through the packed crowds. With thoughtful planning, and a strong working relationship with NRF's internal events team, we planned a shoot schedule that let us catch every moment -- every tear drop -- with a lean crew size. We pre-produced series of sponsor loops that contributed to the night's dynamic branding, with the all-powerful, new "R" emblem dazzling through the Marriott Marquis's windows from a four-story Times Square display. Whoa!

Overnight PR

Playing in the midst of NRF's Big Show, it was essential to communicate the success of Honors to a much broader audience. Moments after the evening was over, the video production baton was passed to our overnight editor. Rob only had a handful of hours to cut together a video that carried with it the same gravitas as Honors itself. Fun, hip, glamorous, emotional -- no pressure. The final two-minute carefully edits together Honors scenes with pre-scripted messaging, reminding viewers, supporters and Big Show attendees that the $4 million raised is a victory for the entire Foundation's cause.