The Human Story of Digital Transformation | LAI Video

A Case Study on Digital Transformation

When Boldr Strategic Consulting approached us to tell a story about digital transformation, we knew we would need to create something equally disruptive and cutting-edge. Highlighting the companys work with the American Society of Association Executives, the case study emphasizes the team behind the process to share an unexpectedly human story about success in the digital age – a story that epitomizes both Boldr and ASAEs people-centric approach to technology.

The Tale of Technical Systems

For ASAE – a membership organization that connects people and ideas to inspire leadership, achievement, and innovation within the association community –  unleashing the full, human potential of its technology is critical. Driven by this goal, ASAE partnered with Boldr to embark on a digital transformation. And after months of lengthy discussions and rigorous planning, they were ready to share the results.

Telling the Tale of Technical Systems

As creative storytellers, our job was not only to summarize this special task force, but to also highlight Boldrs unconventional – yet powerful – approach to unlocking a new way of thinking. Meeting with Boldr, Niles, and Loizou learned that the firms approach relied on data from people, involving more than eighty ASAE members. It was clear that to show the human foundation to Boldrs disruptive thinking and ASAEs technology, we needed to highlight the consultants, staff, and members involved in bringing the process to fruition.

Virtual Reunions are All the Rage

Inspired by the teams spirit of collaboration, Favata, Jun, and Chelsie planned a virtual panel discussion that would reunite familiar faces. During the half-day session, the two conducted a show and ask” exercise, replaying footage that Boldr had recorded throughout the process to remind the participants of their shared experiences. As the panelists reconnected, they expressed actual nostalgia. Not nostalgia for the empathy ethnography exercises and empathy maps. But nostalgia for each other. For helping people.

For the Love of Humanity

While virtually reconvening the project team was essential, so too was visualizing a somewhat abstract project. At its core, Justin cut together the content, identifying powerful soundbites that stressed human needs – memberschallenges, triumphs, and relationship with ASAE. Using motion design, Mike transformed the all-too-familiar Zoom “grid” into a newer, slicker UI that seamlessly glided between talking heads, photos, Word docs, and any other collateral we could get our hands on. Admittedly, if it wasn’t for a pandemic, a case study like this would have likely been told through brilliantly lit interviews and staged, cinematic b-roll of people meeting in large conference rooms, passing papers, and nodding. But in keeping with the themes of this transformation itself, we happily embraced new tools to tell a story that best served the humans in it. Additionally, not only is this video a great case study that can be used as a promotional piece for both Boldr and ASAE, it was also used as part of an event to showcase their success.