Portfolio: I Am A CFP Pro Video Campaign | LAI Video

I Am A CFP Pro

We were excited to partner with the Certified Financial Planner Board to design and launch their new “I’m a CFP Pro” campaign — an outreach initiative designed to remind the younger folks that financial planning can be a [certified] good time.

Casting the Role of a Real Life Person

Looking to debunk some stereotypes surrounding certified financial planning, we wanted to create a very human connection to some of the young professionals defining the industry. We structured the campaign around three “day-in-the-life” stories — small docu-vignettes that gave real perspective on the different personalities and approaches in financial planning. Casting had to be perfect. After an initial call for submissions, we worked with CFP Board to identify the right pros who could stretch the viewer's imagination.

It's Called "Day in the Life" for a Reason

There’s Brittney. The LA-chic go-getter who helps women manage their money, while also inspiring them on their entrepreneurial vision quest. There’s Rianka. The work-from-home planner whose relationship with her grandmother prompted her mission to help families with their finances. And there’s Justin. The corporate dude looking to help high-network clients with high-caliber investing. Spending a day with each individual, Ellyn coordinated ambitious shooting schedules that would highlight their unique work environments, as well as personal passions and hobbies. Simulating a typical day, Favata and Jun directed talent to show off their home offices, take us on their daily commutes and give actual financial advice to stand-in clients.

Certified Super Stardom

To maximize the real-ness of the campaign, we wove soundbites from planning sessions into each cut. Whether they were in coffee shops or over Skype, we wanted viewers to understand that a lot of this work comes from candid and totally not-stuffy conversations with real people. After finalizing each two-minute video, we created 30-second and 15-second variations to tease each story. We also equipped CFP Board and the three CFP Pros with Tweetable graphics and GIFs to engage with their respective social followings. Positioned as the first “faces and voices” of the campaign, Brittney, Rianka and Justin spoke on a live webcast panel for the launch of “I Am A CFP Pro.” On the website, you'll find compelling reasons and tangible next steps for entering a [certified] meaningful career.