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Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas

LAI Video continues to co-host Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas along with its sister-businessesLAI Live and LAI Speakers. Designed as a day-long, TEDx-style conference, the meeting needs some creative firepower to quickly roll call ten speakers without dragging the show down. But these little video nuggets need to also be uplifting, you know? Inspiring even.

Telling the Story of Storytellers

The incredible lineup of keynote speakers at our 2018 and 2019 Inspire conferences ranged from world-renowned travelers and social media tinkerers to TV personalities and political cartoonists. We needed to find a cohesive way to setup these leading authorities to take the stage, but still do right by their individual stories and personal brands. Favata and Tiffany devised a series of "bumpers," or short videos that teased specific biographical bits with fast-moving, playful visuals. The first year, Jun recorded footage of specific props in our studio to embody each speaker—boots, globes, phones, tube TVs! Anything to compliment and clash with the vector graphics and create a collage of mixed-media compositions. The second year, we went full duotone, treating every photo and video clip of the presenter with a brilliant flourescent palette. 

Tease but Don't Spoil!

Rob and Anthony laced each 20-second stinger with a rich sound design, that included a funky tune or soundbites from the speakers themselves. We didn't want to take away specific talking points from the upcoming speech or, heaven-forbid, steal a punchline(!), but we did want to present a prelude of catchy concepts. The conferences kicked off with the biggest overture — an opening video that previewed the series's visuals and tone for a day, as promised, of ideas.