Meet The Prigal Brothers

We partnered with local realty shop The Prigal Brothers and Associates to create an introduction video that touts their familiarity with the area and cooperative approach. They have the resources of a small team but they’re not the big real estate guys. They’ve grown up and given back to the  community their whole lives and know it like the back of the other brother’s hand. 

Getting to Know the Brothers Prigal

In a series of preliminary interviews, Melinda, Dylan and Loizou got to know Larry and Richard and their unexpected plunge into real estate. The brothers were inspired by a competitors video but also less than comfortable with being on camera. We established an approach that would be informative but honest, presenting the brothers and the non-brother associates as a team of completely relatable members of the community. 

Getting to Know the Prigal Fan Club

We worked with Larry, Richard, Kate and Steven to assemble a short list that best reflects their clients — anyone from first-time buyers to long-time partners. After location scouting the almost utopian Lakelands community, Dylan, De’von and Anthony directed the Prigal team to interact with customers at the Maryland headquarters and a variety of other properties. But the slow-motion smiles and hugs were not staged or scripted — this was the genuine reaction of happy clients, happy to talk about past deals and reunite with old friends.