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A Message From John Wall

LAI Video worked closely with LAI's preferred charity partner, Bright Beginnings, on an exciting endeavor: To leverage a local celebrity as the face for their new campaign. Actually, he's more than a local celebrity. We were downright dizzy to work with living basketball legend and five-time NBA All-Star John Wall of the Washington Wizards!

ActingTthrough Blooping

When it comes to working with talent, not every spokesperson can slam dunk a teleprompter read like they can slam dunk a basketball. Working within a limited window of time, Ellyn and Jun directed John to get through the call to action, but it was in the edit that Jun embraced John's outtakes. His flubs. His gaffes. Walking a fine line between making someone still look like a superstar but also, you know, like a human. Instead of a sobering or sappy read of the statistics, we were able to embody John's natural off-camera charisma into the mix, making for a memorable message -- one that chooses celebration over a lecture.

Film For All Seasons

Justin not only drafted a punchy PSA script for the main ask, but also seasonal variations for us to record with our talent while we had him captive in front of the teleprompter. Do you want John Wall to talk about the upcoming Christmas gift-giving drive? Or maybe make a plea for food donations? We produced several spin-off videos to target different audiences at different times of the year. Helping Bright Beginnings make the most of their celebrity appearance and look a little bit into the future was crucial for helping this non-profit focus on their ultimate goal: To aid homeless children and families in the Washington, DC area.