Portfolio: NAMA Takes the Hill | LAI Video

NAMA Takes the Hill

We were excited to work with the National Automatic Merchandising Association (the vending people), on promoting their young fly-in event. Headquartered in Chicago, NAMA didn’t want to miss an opportunity to document the Capitol Hill visit and use a little bit graphic spice to tout the industry’s momentum.

The Art of Monopodding

NAMA Takes the Hill is our umpteenth and best fly-in video that captures the spirit of members marching into the Capitol building. Shooting on the Hill can be tough, but Phil and Ellyn delivered excellent, almost-ninja-like shots of the group walking down hallways [of power] and shaking hands [of power] behind closed doors. With a tripod-ban as old as the Constitution itself, Phil created a guerilla-style aesthetic that emphasized the candid nature of the event. Ellyn performed woman-on-the-street interviews with industry leaders and businesspeople that gave context and a quiet urgency to the day-and-a-half affair.

Make a One-Time Message Timeless

The video was positioned not so much as a highlights video as it was a timeless promotional piece that will drum-up support for future fly-ins. Rob walked a fine line of addressing topical issues, but keeping the edit broad enough to generally describe the purpose of the event. We used stills from the photographer and composite animation to boast specific statistics, like NAMA’s saturation of the congressional offices. The video concludes with the impressive visual of NAMA’s 275 attendees congregating in force for one powerful photo op.