NASFAA Celebrates

We partnered with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators to tell their story through a historical context. Celebrating its 50 year anniversary, we developed a two-part series that transports viewers back in time, through the present and to the future!

All the Way with LBJ

For “A Look Back,” it was essential to tie NASFAA’s origin story to the Higher Education Act of 1965. By making a college opportunity affordable, the country needed a practical way to open this “door to education.” NASFAA was born out of this newly-declared right. Kate and Jun captured candid interviews with NASFAA leadership and members, who emphasized the watershed moment. Tiffany’s bold but minimal style was inspired by the textures of the historical assets, as well as NASFAA’s organizational and anniversary brands. And Justin’s supplemental narration helps tie this tribute together. A tribute that reaffirms NASFAA’s commitment to providing students with financial aid and a better way of life.

High Education Act of 1965
Thank you from Students

Back to the Future

In keeping with the conventions of a traditional identity story, the followup video speaks about the NASFAA mission in a present-tense perspective. Sure, this is a 50-year old organization, but it’s still doing great work on behalf of families across the country. The video features many of the same interviewees from the retrospect, but focuses on current programs and resources. The second installment embraces a more mature tone — it even uses a slightly different voice over artist. In rallying the industry together towards new innovations, it reminds viewers not to lose sight of its ultimate goal. We asked students to submit heartfelt “thank you” recordings for a moving ending montage.

The two videos bookended the anniversary period, debuting one year apart from each other at two consecutive annual conferences.

Meet the Nerds

Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany's unmistakable style makes otherwise flat statistics and images burst with excitement and life.

Jun Young Yang

Jun has been traveling everywhere (including a place called Anguilla) to document special events and create unique images for clients.

Kate Kelly

Kate is no stranger to tackling tight deadlines while remaining unreasonably positive and effective.

Tori Furphy

A mother of two and a work mother of a dozen - Tori operationalizes a perfectly rewarding client experience.

James Loizou

Perhaps best epitomized by his signature red sneakers and tie, James Loizou enjoys walking a fine line between creating and business-ing.

Susy Jordan

Susy is an account executive and also a bit of a sales ninja with experience in a variety of industries from Florida Real Estate to the On-line Advertising arena.