Portfolio: On Our Way Up | LAI Video

On Our Way Up

We partnered with Prince George’s Community College to develop a series of videos that showcases the school’s incredible construction and renovation projects. While it’s tempting to focus on the sizable expansion, beautiful renderings and epic crane shots, we wanted to tell this transformative story from the perspectives of the staff, students and other members of the Prince George’s community.

Putting On Our Thinking Hats. And Hard Hats. And Chef Hats, Too.

During several days at the college campus, Tori interviewed professors of specific programs that simply need to keep up with today’s evolving industries. From the changing media landscape to new local demands for upscale dining, we positioned these construction projects as essential investments to keep Prince George’s County and its residents competitive.

Always Moving Forward. Slowly.

Favata, Anthony and Phil staged and directed b-roll footage of students in hands-on classroom environments, excited to embrace the latest trends in broadcast journalism and culinary arts. We also deployed motorized sliders during interviews to keep the camera moving and emphasize a sense of forward motion and never stopping. Always on the way up.

It’s Happening… Here!

While none of the buildings are finished, it was important to emphasize very real progress being made on the $100 million project. Jun cut together a video for each new building, using Favata’s graphics that juxtapose construction shots with renderings of the new facilities. We even invited students onto each construction site, capturing their jaws dropping as they fully understand the investment being made in their future. That this is tangible. That it’s happening… here!