Paper Recycles

The American Forest & Paper Association needed our help in outlining the basic “dos and don’ts” of recycling. With child-like character animation and child-like child narration, we concocted a PSA-style video that will have you gleefully recycling (or not recycling) your paper products.

Wait, I Can’t Recycle Pizza Boxes!?

We wanted this video to be fun. Something that AF&PA and its member companies would be ecstatic to share with the general public. After sifting through their papers (as in reports), Justin produced a playful (not patronizing!) script that actually thanks viewers for already doing their part. The video provides a few helpful reminders, while emphasizing the industry’s overall story of sustainability.

Story of Sustainability
Bringing a Character to Life

Moving the Immovable

Senior Producer Rob tackled the ambitious post-production project by building a world of diverse recyclers with intentionally simple character animation. They remained mostly static while only bending their macaroni arms and offering the ever-so-subtle nod or blink. What the characters lacked in motion, the design made up for in color with polychromatic primary objects overtop monocrhaomatic backgrounds. 

So Easy, A Child Could Do It

Favata directed child voice over artist (and daughter) to read the 90-second script. Setup in a makeshift tent / recording booth, Icie delivered a memorable vocal performance that subconsciously reminds viewers that this recycling stuff is so easy that a kid can do it. And should do it.

Since its rollout, nearly 50,000 YouTubers have gotten the message. For more information about paper recycling, visit

Voice Over Artist/Daughter
Meet the Nerds

Rob Kramer

Rob Kramer is an Editor/Animator/Producer/Videographer. Wow that's a mouthful.

James Favata

James specializes in exploring new avenues, and who knows, together you may even end up off the map.

Justin Kelly

Justin brings an emotional fluency to our scripts that will help us continue to deliver the wow factor that our clients have come to expect.

Tori Furphy

A mother of two and a work mother of a dozen - Tori operationalizes a perfectly rewarding client experience.

James Loizou

Perhaps best epitomized by his signature red sneakers and tie, James Loizou enjoys walking a fine line between creating and business-ing.

Susy Jordan

Susy is an account executive and also a bit of a sales ninja with experience in a variety of industries from Florida Real Estate to the On-line Advertising arena.