Portfolio: Paper Recycles | LAI Video

Paper Recycles

The American Forest & Paper Association needed our help in outlining the basic “dos and don’ts” of recycling. With child-like character animation and child-like child narration, we concocted a PSA-style video that will have you gleefully recycling (or not recycling) your paper products.

Wait, I Can’t Recycle Pizza Boxes!?

We wanted this video to be fun. Something that AF&PA and its member companies would be ecstatic to share with the general public. After sifting through their papers (as in reports), Justin produced a playful (not patronizing!) script that actually thanks viewers for already doing their part. The video provides a few helpful reminders, while emphasizing the industry’s overall story of sustainability.

Moving the Immovable

Senior Producer Rob tackled the ambitious post-production project by building a world of diverse recyclers with intentionally simple character animation. They remained mostly static while only bending their macaroni arms and offering the ever-so-subtle nod or blink. What the characters lacked in motion, the design made up for in color with polychromatic primary objects overtop monocrhaomatic backgrounds. 

So Easy, A Child Could Do It

Favata directed child voice over artist (and daughter) to read the 90-second script. Setup in a makeshift tent / recording booth, Icie delivered a memorable vocal performance that subconsciously reminds viewers that this recycling stuff is so easy that a kid can do it. And should do it.

Since its rollout, nearly 50,000 YouTubers have gotten the message. For more information about paper recycling, visit paperrecycles.org.