Portfolio: Rau'shee Warren Fighter Profile | LAI Video

Rau'shee Warren Fighter Profile

Bounce TV reached out to us to direct a fighter profile for Rau’shee “Baby Pit” Warren’s upcoming pay-per-view match. Excited to produce something for primetime, we saddled up for a one-day shoot at a DC institution.

Going Toe-to-Toe with a Champ

Arriving at Headbangers Boxing Gym, we setup for both interviews and b-roll that embraced the rich backdrop of a gym that’s known for building champions. Like Warren himself, Favata and Jun brought a lean but lethal arsenal of equipment. Wearing a steadicam harness, Favata stepped into the ring with Warren and directed the fighter to address his intensity towards the camera.

Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

We juxtaposed Warren’s lightning-fast jabs with high-speed photography to capture those slow-motion moments. During interviews, we kept the momentum moving with motorized slider shots, slowly pushing towards Warren’s carefully chosen words. For added effect, we setup a dry ice smoke machine to craft a cinematic presence for Warren. These striking visuals were used in a variety of promotional materials, as well as the opening video for the match.