Portfolio: Retail Makes Memories NRF | LAI Video

Retail Makes Memories

The National Retail Federation is on a mission to spread the good word about the retail sector touching everyday lives, and we outfitted the organization with the ultimate “feel-good” commercial. Inspired by other big-hearted, big-branded commercials, we produced “Retail Makes Memories” — the flagship ad that ties the industry to life’s key milestones.

Scripting for Silence

Some of the most memorable events in life begin with retail. Whether its picking out your kid’s first bicycle or shopping for the wedding bands that you’ll wear forever, retail is there, inspiring memories that last. Following the “Fabric of Your Life” mantra, Tori, Favata and Loizou first identified a long list of “retail firsts” that covered everything from apparel and toys to restaurants and groceries. Embracing an almost silent-film approach, Justin elegantly strung together these scenes without a spoken word.

The Warm and Fuzzies

Tori coordinated location sites with NRF — real-life backdrops that were happily provided by NRF members in full-support of this uplifting message. Following a flexible storyboard on-site, Favata and Jun directed talented non-actors. The friends and family of NRF and LAI Video added a particularly personal touch to the already intimate story, emphasized with Jun’s hands-off edit and gentle piano tune. It’s storytelling that’s authentically NRF and authentically-authentic. The video debuted at the 2016 BIG Show and has since remained the definitive industry ad for NRF.