Portfolio: The Right Tools For The Job | LAI Video

The Right Tools for the Job

We were tickled to continue our partnership with CropLife America to expand the unique humor of the successful #GiveaCrop campaign. Resurrecting the man-child "pest" character, we produced three new spots that took a new angle for reminding viewers to care about crop protection.  

Mixing Metaphors

After producing five commercials that got DC's ag-community talking, we wanted to keep the campaign's forward momentum. While the first series focused on the negative impact of pests in any envionrment, the new ads had to make a stronger connection between farmers and the tools needed to do their job. Pesticides are as ubiquitous to farmers as hammers are to carpenters. Or knives to a chef. Or shears to a hairdresser. Justin explored this comparison in a series of colorfully dry, GEICO-inspired scripts that also saved room for a familiar mascot.

Campaign World-Building

The new concepts called for a slew of new characters and locations. For maximum punchline-ing, Sarah sought real-life sets -- a working kitchen, wood shop and salon. New characters and a spokesperson were cast, and Favata directed the three spots over the course of three days. Phil served as DP and cut together the new spots that balanced both dry humor and a splash of slapstick. Tiffany tailored a new wardrobe for the Pest, who posed for various photo shoots and continues to embody a campaign with seemingly endless gags to keep people talking.