Portfolio: Risk-Taker Vignettes | LAI Video

Risk-Taker Vignettes

We were excited to partner with CEO Update on its fourth annual Association Leadership Awards. Following last year’s strolling interviews, we decided to embrace the show’s “risk-taking” theme and try something bold. Something different. Something totally unexpected.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

ALA pays recognition to well-respected and well-known faces within the association community. These are some of the biggest names in Washington! They literally require no introduction. So how do you pay respects without patronizing a massive audience of 600+ attendees? Leading up to the event, Sarah and Kate sat down with each recipient to talk about their early career, before they were titans on the Hill. We urged them to share a little known but hugely important moment when they put it all on the line.  When they took their “biggest risk.” 

Rocking a “SchoolHouse” Vibe

After Patrick cut together these make-or-break vignettes, we applied a unique animation treatment to transport viewers into the past. Inspired by a recent segment on ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’ (which was itself inspired by a ‘Schoolhouse Rock’), we developed a distinct stick figure style that charmingly recreated the honorees’ stories as they told them. While this risk-taking series was decidedly silly (supplemented with a screwball sound design), it never lost sight of the incredible subject matter. From unknown technology investments to risky career changes, these stories provided glimpses of the leader-making moments that would define the professional legacies of Susan Neely, Stephen Lieber and Jerry Giovaniello.