Smarter Medicine, Portable Care

In the midst of a reform campaign to eliminate barriers between physicians and patients seeking care across state lines, the Federation of State Medical Boards came to us looking for a more memorable way to state their case before state legislators, physicians and the general public. And we had an idea. 

Understanding the Medicine

We proposed that animation would emphasize the already universal appeal of their message. Something playful, but professional. Something positive. We’re talking about Americans gaining greater access to quality medical care. This is good news!

Creating Universal Appeal with Animation
Visual Story Simple Elegant

Constructing a Visual Language

Favata and Rob devised a simple linear design scheme that builds upon the ubiquitous visual language of digital technology - Wifi radar, spinning progress indicators, location pins, etc. This emphasized Justin’s copy that compares seeking medical attention to seeking just about anything else in today’s uber-connected world. The script basically says that FSMB's reform efforts aren't just better policy, they're also part of inevitable change.

The 90-Second Pitch

Concise scripting, a contemporary look and smart motion design all work together to deliver the definitive call to action on this issue. And it does that in 90-seconds. Try explaining medical licensure compacts in less time. We dare you. The video lives on FSMB’s microsite at

Meeting Rising Healthcare Need