Portfolio: A Tale of Two Buildings | LAI Video

A Tale of Two Buildings

How do you come up with an approach that looks like a choice and not a constraint? When working with Real Estate Arts, we were faced with some very real marketing questions. We'd ask that you think of 4747 Bethesda Ave and 32 Old Slip not as buildings, but as characters in a marketing parable. But we'd also ask that you think of them as literal buildings.

How Do You Talk About A Building That Doesn't Exist?

Answer: Helicopters! When tasked with marketing 4747 Bethesda Avenue, we were intrigued by the building's modern look and unique amenities for businesses. We were also intrigued by the building's lack of existing. With Bethesda being in our backyard, we decided to emphasize the vibrant community as the building was still under development. Favata and Phil took to the streets, capturing intimate time-lapses of young, professional Bethesda-ers enjoying the night scene. Jun took to the air to capture the unsuspecting Bethesda skyline with Tiffany compositing in renderings of the building to be. This was a classically unconventional approach for a classically unconventional piece of property.

How Do You Talk About a Building Without Showing It?

Answer: Doodles! As the most fitting follow up to 4747, we worked with REA to promote 32 Old Slip, a towering office building in New York's Financial District. But unlike the Bethesda building, we wanted to emphasize the people over the property itself. Within the skyscraper that is Old Slip, Cat, Favata, and Jun interviewed a variety of happy tenants describing the little things. The Instagramable views. The biker-friendly commute. The food truck options! Shot on stark white, Dan applied clean composite animation to turn the interviewee's thoughts and feelings into legitimate doodles. There's a playfulness to Old Slip that enjoys some self-aware levity. Yes, we're describing a building—a place of work. But we can't help but embrace the honest to God giddiness from our subjects.