The Gala

We partnered with the NRF Foundation on its fourth annual Gala event, bringing videos to all life-phases of the fundraiser. A promotional teaser excited attendees about the upcoming purple carpet event. A show opener reminded retail A-Listers and donors about the ultimate cause. A pair of tribute videos announced the night's big student winners. And a recap video was made mere hours after the event to continue the show's marketing circle of life. 

Show-Flowing with Video

After completing a "Meet the List" teaser -- a marketing ploy to show-off the event's big names and established retailers -- we wanted to shift focus to the next generation. The Gala is designed to raise funds for the Foundation's many initatives and scholarships that encourage students and other interested professionals to pursue meaningful careers in retail. Rob's show opener created enough emotional force to cut through the buzzy excitement and remind attendees that their support and dollars go to real people. And these people want to say "thank you."

Meet the List Initiative
Student Challenge Finalists

The Students are the Stars

Days before the event, Tori and Jun interviewed finalists for the night's two big scholarship announcements. Overnight in a make-shift edit suite, Rob and Loizou cut together heartfelt tributes that honor the finalists' projects, personalities and passions for a career in retail. Embracing a "Real World" vibe, Rob used playful intros, outtakes and a black and white treatment to complement the students' personal brand story videos that they submitted for the Next Generation competition. Loizou took viewers behind-the-scenes of the nerve-racking presentations for the Student Challenge, highlighting their ability to stand together as a team throughout a high-stakes Shark Tank-style contest. Both videos played before the winners were announced at the Gala.

The On-Site Crew

At the fundraiser event, we crafted a story in near real time. Tori and Jun interviewed the who's-who List of retail icons as they dazzled across the purple carpet. Favata was special-ops, armed with a gimbal stabilizer to glide and maneuver through the packed crowds. With thoughtful planning, and a strong working relationship with NRF's internal events team, we planned a shoot schedule that let us catch every moment -- every tear drop -- with a lean crew size.

Tori Interviews Kobe
The Purple Carpet

The Purple Carpet

 Playing in the midst of NRF's BIG Show, it was essential to communicate the success of the Gala to a much broader audience. Moments after the evening was over, the video production baton was passed to our overnight editor. Rob only had a handful of hours to cut together a video that carried with it the same gravitas as the Gala itself. Fun, hip, glamorous, emotional -- no pressure. The final 90-second video debuted the next day as a proud exclamation mark to an event that raised over $2.8 million.