The Leadership Forum

We were excited to collaborate with longtime partner the McChrystal Group to develop a new promotional video around the organization’s signature Leadership Forum. Attending the day-and-a-half seminar, the LAI Video crew captured the event’s essence. The lectures. The team exercises. The 6 AM physical training on the National Mall. We were just as immersed in the experience as the attendees were in the McChrystal ideology.

Team of Teams

Founded by four-star General Stanley McChrystal (USA, Ret), the McChrystal Group is a consulting firm that applies its unique military background to business strategy. The Leadership Forum is the epitome of this “from the battlefield to the boardroom” mantra. Alexandria, Favata and Phil conducted thoughtful interviews with the McChrystal Group staff, who described a step-by-step walk-through of the seminar. Reinforced by soundbites from individual presentations, the video becomes the ultimate sales tool to recruit new attendees.

Employees describing the seminar
Tools for a better leader

A Who’s-Who of B-roll

The program is open to executives from a variety of organizations, and this promo calls out that diversity with subtle, motion-tracked lower-thirds. Pooling together a Team of Teams, the video relishes in its b-roll of group work — exercises that required participants to work together on a fictional operation. Smooth slider shots and a gliding steadicam bind the different activities together, emphasizing the event’s carefully crafted and well-balanced itinerary. The final video encourages viewers to consider this workshop as an essential tool in becoming a better, more collaborative leader.

Meet the Nerds

James Favata

James specializes in exploring new avenues, and who knows, together you may even end up off the map.

Phil Eisenberg

Emerging from a diverse background of product promos to World Cup Ski Racing, Phil can now be found on site with clients or in the edit bay.

Ellyn Church

Project manager, documentary filmmaker, karaoke enthusiast—Ellyn is a woman of many talents.

James Loizou

Perhaps best epitomized by his signature red sneakers and tie, James Loizou enjoys walking a fine line between creating and business-ing.

Helena Lehman

Helena is Senior Vice President of Client Services. She also speaks five languages- about four more than the rest of us.