“The Swamp” Online Series

LAI Video was excited to partner with CRTV on its new online series “The Swamp” — an uncensored behind-the-scenes look at the political machinery on Capitol Hill. Aiming to elevate an already tantalizing premise with some honest-to-goodness imagination and grit, our team of video and political nerds joined the production with Episode 3, following the political madness through the eyes of four freshmen House Republicans. 

Casting Troublemakers

The district attorney. The engineer. The prosecutor. The veterinarian. “The Swamp” follows four political outsiders, all of whom have attained private sector success before running for office. Before being sworn in, these guys were sick and tired of the broken system. As public servants, they’re even sicker and tired-er of the broken system that they must now navigate. They’re determined to make a difference and to do so transparently — with a camera crew capturing their disgust, triumphs and failures in realtime.

Shadowing Subjects While Shining a Light

Given unlimited access, our team talks with the congressmen as they hustle in and out of meetings, walk through the underground tunnels of the Capitol and make appearances in their home districts. As producer, Ellyn leads a lean crew on standby, waiting to craft each episode’s narrative as the news stories break. Like the video ninjas that they are, Jun and De’von work around the Capitol’s physical media restrictions while getting as much content as possible and allowing for a variety of storylines to transpire in post-production.

Reporting the News vs. Being the News

Jun cut the dense, nine-minute episode that explores the inextricable tie between fundraising and policy-making — how some powerful lobbyists set the agenda by using campaign dollars to prioritize specific committee assignments. Tiffany’s motion graphics underline the series’ off the cuff and even badass approach to exposing big, revelatory stuff. But in the middle of this “follow the money” story arc, one of our protagonists, Representative Tom Garrett, found himself in the news. Episode 3 ends in a cliffhanger, as Garrett’s narrative quickly shifts from rogue outsider to embattled politician.