Portfolio: The Tools to Finish Strong | LAI Video

The Tools to Finish Strong

We partnered with Compassion & Choices on a pair of videos designed to familiarize viewers with its Tools to Finish Strong, a set of easy to use interactive resources created to guide and empower dementia patients and their families. Featuring real user testimonials and paid talent, the videos are crafted to resonate with underserved populations, while promoting tools that ALL people can use to create the end of life plans they want.

A Strategy for Compassionate Storytelling

Embarking on our first creative partnership with Compassion & Choices, we knew that taking on the subject of dementia would require special care and consideration. Helena, James, and Favata worked closely with the team at Compassion & Choices to devise a storytelling strategy that would be welcoming and accessible to patients and caregivers working through the emotional upheaval of a dementia diagnosis. Together we came up with a plan that brings together an inclusive group of onscreen advocates with thoughtful creative direction to empower healthcare consumers to make informed decisions about their care.

Promoting Empowerment

Through the voices of Compassion & Choices staff, end of life advocates, dementia patients, as well as paid talent, we helped Compassion & Choices craft a promotional message that reinforces the organization's guiding principles: that everyone deserves the opportunity to choose the end-of-life care that best reflects their personal values, priorities and beliefs. Producer Victoria conducted intimate sit-down interviews, shot at empathy-enhancing eye level. Editor Jun seamlessly brought together expert testimonial, simple b-roll, as well as scenes created with paid talent to offer an inspiring look at how the new Dementia Values and Priorities tools provide patients with a means to understand and take control of their end-of-life care.

Illuminating New Resources

As companion piece to the longer promotion video, our team worked with Compassion & Choices to create a concise explainer video that would help older adults and caregivers understand and access the new online resources. Justin created a script that speaks plainly and from the heart, encouraging dementia patients and their families to have the difficult conversations that can help ensure they receive the care they want. Favata’s subtle direction brought it all to life, ensuring that paid talent delivered the message with just the right empathy to connect with older viewers. The finished video provides Compassion & Choices with a powerful new resource to connect people with questions with resources that can help them face the future with confidence.