Portfolio: The VMO Difference | LAI Video

The VMO Difference

We partnered with Ecosystems to produce a series of videos that captures the immense satisfaction of some very high-profile clients with some very high-profile problems. But we knew that these testimonials had to be distinct from the standard approach. After all, Ecosystems helps companies clearly differentiate themselves from their competition, and we owed it to Ecosystems to do the same.

The Secret Sauce

After our initial conversations with Ecosystems, it became clear that the defining element of the company was its secret sauce — the VMO, or the Value Management Office. This is a customized approach that combines the service of people, processes and platforms — a system that clients use with their own customers. Melinda, Ellyn and Loizou helped flesh out the best client stories to feature in the series before entering production. 

Looking at Every Angle

Shot on location at each client’s office, Ellyn interviewed the subjects who were more than willing to describe how the VMO revolutionized their own approach to sales. Grad at HP spoke to increasing the company’s overall close rate, while Ned at McAfee talked about presenting Ecosystems to the client as a trusted, third-party advisor. Inspired by the cinematography of Mr. Robot, Phil, Tiffany and De’von covered the standing interviews from as many unconventional office angles as possible. The team also staged talent to interact with colleagues and clients to more appropriately reflect the collaborative relationship or “ecosystem” between the client and their end clients.