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The 6 Videos You Need For An Extraordinary Event Experience

Your big event. The one every key stakeholder will attend. The only time of the year where you’ll have everyone together in one room or virtually focused on your organization. It’s the opportunity to showcase your industry or business to a large audience. But how do you set the mood and establish personal connections with such a big group? Video. Not just a single piece. Think about it like a drip campaign that starts before the event to tease the experience, carries the audience on an emotional ride through the event, and finally reminds them of everything they learned.

Here are 6 types of videos during events to pull off an unforgettable experience:

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Promo Video

Set the tone and expectations for your event. Build anticipation by giving the viewer a taste of what they will experience with an event marketing video.

Example Project: We created a “call to action” promo video for the National League of Cities’ City Summit.

Why It Works: In calling for viewers to “join the movement,” the video demonstrates several problems while posing the National League of Cities as part of the solution.

LAI Video Advantage: We’re seasoned in “flipping the script.” We don’t just see why you think the event will be great, we look for the angles that will get your attendees excited.

Opener Video

Open your event with energy and a sense of purpose.

Example Project: Working with the International Franchise Association for its annual convention, we created an opener to present the IFA brand as the stewards of the franchising community.

Why It Works: Lively visuals helped define the attendee experience, and thoughtful content promoted the conference’s specific initiatives. By providing introductory context and generating anticipation, an opener effectively sets up what will be an unforgettable experience.

LAI Video Advantage: Events are a part of our heritage. We know how important events are to an overall communication strategy. The opening video is the first group experience that sets the energy, intensity, and vision for the event.

Speaker Introduction Video

Bring your speaker to the stage in a way that is congruent with your event. Set up their credentials and tell the audience what to expect next.

Project Example: With some creative firepower, we created several videos to quickly roll call ten speakers without dragging the show down.

Why It Works: Short, exciting introductions facilitate transitions between speakers that may otherwise become tedious. They showcase a speaker’s qualifications and expertise while regaining an audience’s attention after a presentation.

LAI Video Advantage: Save the bio for your program. We use a variety of techniques, from lively video to more “chill” vibes, to convey key context to your audience without sacrificing style or theme.

Award / Tribute Video

Recognize an unsung hero or pay tribute to someone special.

Example Project: In honoring Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, we assembled the best chefs in the world to speak to the culinary entrepreneur’s philanthropic feats.

Why It Works: Through relaxed, genuine conversation, Danny Meyer is successfully spotlighted as a legendary humanitarian.

LAI Video Advantage: When honoring someone special and deserving of recognition, where do you even begin? Sure, you are focused on the honoree—but don’t forget the audience. Our team of gifted screen-writers and videographers has lots of experience reaching an appropriate balance between reverence and entertainment.

Anniversary / Spotlight Video

It’s time to celebrate a milestone! Do your special event or occasion some serious justice with spotlight or anniversary videos during event announcements.

Example Project: For the 50th anniversary of SIFMA’s Compliance and Legal Society, we reflected on the last five decades of the financial industry.

Why It Works: These types of video honor a special individual or group while aligning them with your company or organization’s core values. Personable interviews and eye-catching graphics also provide a dramatic and engaging dimension to the story being told.

LAI Video Advantage: The best anniversary and spotlight videos don’t sacrifice creativity and style to get their message across. If you’re telling a story, your success also depends on the user’s attention. By using animation, sound design, or various interview techniques, we make history a great story!

Recap Video

It’s your last opportunity to create a group experience. Either on-site or back at home, treat attendees to a reminder of everything they learned, shared, and experienced with each other. Push through key takeaways and big moments with emotion and impact.

Example Project: Partnering with the National Retail Federation, we created a recap video (overnight!) for their signature convention and EXPO event.

Why It Works: Displaying lively footage of participants in action, the video sells the event experience—and gets attendees excited for the next event.

LAI Video Advantage: When we shoot b-roll of your event, we have footage! Our editors are tried and tested craftspeople who build mini stories within stories, and tuck little moments away as they edit. Often a recap video spills over with special pieces that just didn’t fit anywhere else—a wonderful reminder of how rich the experience was for attendees.

What are the 6 Types of Videos?

Understand how each type of video during your event can help enhance attendee experience.

What is a Promo Video?

Promo videos are event marketing videos that help give audiences a teaser of what to expect from the upcoming event. The video places an emphasis on the aspects of the event that will get people to join and participate: it highlights the event’s purpose and goals for the organization and what attendees will gain by attending usually showcasing the event location as well as highlights from previous events.

What is an Opener Video?

An opener video is used at the beginning of an event to set the tone and create excitement for what is to come. These short and captivating videos help provide general background as well as a comprehensive purpose that the audience can connect to. Opener videos are a way to jump start a conference and get everyone engaged for the rest of the event.

What is a Speaker Introduction Video?

Speaker introduction videos are those that provide background information on speakers to come without losing the audience’s engagement in the event. It provides the audience with highlights of the speaker’s accomplishments and allows the audience to understand how the speaker connects to the theme of the event. This is a great way to bring on a speaker in a polished way while keeping the energy up

What is an Award or Tribute Video?

An award or tribute video is one that recognizes an individual and their accomplishments in a certain field. It engages the audience by giving them an insight into the honoree’s experience and their relationships with others: providing the necessary context as well as demonstrating the highlights of what they have achieved and their impact. This type of event video is both for the honoree and for the audience with the goal of showing what makes someone special and honorable.

What is an Anniversary or Spotlight Video?

Anniversary or spotlight videos highlight a brand’s surpassing of an important milestone or celebrating a special occasion. The video recognizes an individual/group within the organization through a combination of interviews, graphics, and animations that tell a story and provides an emotional connection to your audience. These can be used at events to honor the successes and progress of a brand: demonstrating its strength and potential to continue advancing towards future goals.

What is a Recap Video?

recap video is a compilation of highlights from an event, with footage of it in action that helps emphasize the benefits of attending it. This event experience video shares the story of an event and its important or memorable moments—allowing participants to take away from it a personally beneficial experience that will motivate them to return for an organization’s next event.

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