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The 4 Videos You Need To Fundraise For A Cause

As a powerful storytelling medium, video is effective in evoking emotional responses and raising awareness about an issue. Touch your viewers in a way that compels them to act by depicting your organization’s motivations, initiatives, and testaments. Continue scrolling to learn more about non-profit video strategy and the different types of videos for fundraising.

If your goal is to raise funds or awareness about an issue, consider these types of non-profit fundraising videos: 

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Giving Request Video

No one likes cold or aggressive donation tactics. Luckily, there’s a way to ask for money that’s endearing and compelling: a fundraising video. We’ll help you craft a memorable message that’ll meet (and hopefully surpass) your cause’s monetary goals.

Example Project: We partnered with Bright Beginnings to leverage basketball legend John Wall as the face of their campaign to aid homeless children and families in the Washington, DC area.

Why It Works: With an endearing blooper reel and heart-warming footage, the video demonstrates the campaign's current progress as well as its goals for the future. 

LAI Video Advantage: At LAI, we’re pros at creating emotion, fostering personal connections, and crafting a “call to action.” We know what makes people connect with stories and feel driven to incite change.

Testimonial/ Spotlight Video

Spotlight videos aim to humanize your organization by showcasing its beneficiaries or the individuals behind its mission.

Example Project: Partnering with DC Public Schools, we created “Innovate with Us”—an exhibition of the incredible opportunities provided to current students and alumnae by the school system.

Why It Works: Through stirring testimony interspersed with creative graphics, this video celebrates the program’s current success while rallying for even greater progress. It utilizes real-life examples to bring statistics to life.

LAI Video Advantage: This is just a mini version of our documentary magic. We love to show real people doing real things—and moving the needle on your project is the icing on the cake.

Behind-The-Scenes Video

Present the people either behind or benefitting from your fundraising campaign and pay homage to their story in way that’s creative and captivating.

Example Project: Working with the National Retail Federation, we conducted follow-ups to previous stories about NRF’s scholarship recipients, answering the question, “Where are they now?”

Why It Works: By providing an authentic look at the positive effects of the National Retail Federation’s scholarship fund, this video tugs at viewers’ heartstrings while proving that the investment pays off.

LAI Video Advantage: With creative, energetic interviews, this type of video highlights a characteristic value of a non-profit organization and leaves its audience curious to learn more. It effectively showcases real-life benefits of a fundraising campaign while celebrating its donors as well as recipients.

Teaser Video

Go intriguing or go home! Present your organization or initiative in a way that’ll entice people to learn more about it. Go with teaser videos for fundraising.

Example Project: We teamed up with No Kid Hungry to produce a short, informative teaser for their #HungerCantWait campaign.

Why It Works: In limited time, the teaser explains a problem and poses a solution. It effectively provides introductory context and promotes awareness. The “text-first” treatment is social-friendly, too!

LAI Video Advantage: We know that capturing someone’s attention isn’t enough—you have to hold it throughout the video. Our team watches and re-watches our work as we go to ensure that “boring” gets cut and the fun, unexpected, or emotional gets in the mix.

What are the 4 Video Types?

Understand how to use each video for fundraising initiatives.

What is a Giving Request Video?

giving request video is used to enable a call-to-action: motivating people to donate to a cause by building an emotional connection with them. The video tells a story of the history of the initiative and what it plans to achieve with the help of others for potential donors to get an idea of how much impact a donation can make. Giving request videos establish a personal connection that then creates the need within viewers to help make a change.

What is a Testimonial or Spotlight Video?

Testimonial or spotlight videos showcase people who embody the cause the campaign stands for: either someone who benefits from the campaign’s efforts, or someone who is helping propagate the cause. This type of non-profit fundraising video helps highlight an individual’s story and shows how they have been positively affected by the program. It allows consumers to engage emotionally and personally—motivating them to donate in order to further the positive effects it has on society.

What is a Behind the Scenes Video?

behind-the-scenes video emphasizes an organization’s values through the story of the collective effort put into the program. The video gives potential donors important insight as to how the program works and the people and effort behind it: establishing the non-profit’s personality so that the audience can better engage with it and generate a more trusting relationship to the campaign. Behind the scenes videos are made of footage of the team in-action as well as interviews to demonstrate the full capacity of what is being done and what can be achieved.

What is a Teaser Video?

Teaser videos are a non-profit video strategy that gives people insight into what the problem is, and what the campaign is doing to help create an effective solution. These short yet thought-provoking videos are designed in a creative and captivating manner to pique interest for an initiative—motivating people to find out more about the cause and donate. A teaser video gives a bit of context so that the audience can be aware of the issue at hand and what needs to be done to help.

Fundraise for Your Cause!

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