As a powerful storytelling medium, video is effective in evoking emotional responses and raising awareness about an issue. Touch your viewers in a way that compels them to act by depicting your organization’s motivations, initiatives, and testaments.

If your goal is to raise funds or awareness about an issue, consider these types of videos: 

  • Giving Request Video
  • Testimonial/ Spotlight Video
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video
  • Teaser Video

Giving Request Video

No one likes cold or aggressive donation tactics. Luckily, there’s a way to ask for money that’s endearing and compelling: a fundraising video. We’ll help you craft a memorable message that’ll meet (and hopefully surpass) your cause’s monetary goals.

We partnered with Bright Beginnings to leverage basketball legend John Wall as the face of their campaign to aid homeless children and families in the Washington, DC area.

Why it works: With an endearing blooper reel and heart-warming footage, the video demonstrates the campaign's current progress as well as its goals for the future. 

Learn more about our work with Bright Beginnings


  • Demonstrate the significance of your cause
  • Foster an emotional connection with audience


  • Request will come off as warm and endearing, not pushy
  • Promotes awareness and memorability


  • Setting and maintaining appropriate tone
  • Crafting a "Call to Action"

Why work with LAI Video:

  • We know exactly what goes into a project like this—and have everything you'll need
  • High-quality shooting and editing
  • We understand what makes video shareable

Testimonial/ Spotlight Video