Promoting a Product

The 4 Videos You Need To Promote A Product

Got an amazing new thing that everyone needs? Something you just have to see to believe? If you’re ready to launch a new product, re-launch a great product in need of attention, or demo how to use a product, this campaign will maximize the success of any (or all) of the above.

If you're trying to promote a product, these types of videos can be extremely helpful:

Promo Video

Show your product through the eyes of the user. Demonstrate how it will change the way they work or live.

Example Project: Partnering with tech firm Cvent, we helped promote their brand and impressive suite of applications using motion graphics, stock visuals, and a sharp, customer-focused script.

Why It Works: As entertaining as it is educational, this promo video effectively communicates Cvent’s functionality, brand, and personality. It does the new development justice while generating awareness and anticipation.

LAI Video Advantage: We’re seasoned in “flipping the script.” We don’t just see why you think the product is great, we look for the angles that will get your buyers excited.

Sizzle Video

Not every viewer will give you more than 20 seconds—you need to grab their attention and pique their interest (often with loud text and silent audio).

Example Project: We created a sizzle video for the inspiring organization, No Kid Hungry. 

Why It Works: Within a fast format, this video conveys a key message to its audience without sacrificing style. It showcases product highlights and promotes a specific message. Give viewers a taste of what you’re selling!

LAI Video Advantage: When you have but a moment to grab someone’s attention, you have to make it memorable. At LAI, we’re pros at tailoring content to specific audiences, creating emotion, and fostering personal connections. We know what makes people connect with stories and share them.

Explainer/ Demo Video

Show the world how to use your product. This can be straight-forward or playful, we’ll tailor it to the vibe you’re going for.

Example Project: We worked with the Federation of State Medical Boards to create an animated video explaining how DocInfo works.

Why It Works: Demonstrating a product/service along with its personality yields a much greater emotional impact. By walking a user through a process and providing clear explanation, this type of video helps solidify training, adoption, and brand reliability.

LAI Video Advantage: The best demo videos don’t sacrifice creativity and style to get their message across. If you’re explaining something, your success also depends on the user’s attention. Don’t worry, there’s no sleeping in the back of the class here. At LAI, we don’t do boring—anything can be made interesting or exciting.

Testimonial Video

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is indisputable. Understanding how real people use your product gives potential buyers the confidence to move forward.

Example Project: We helped Jedburgh Technology demonstrate how they have developed virtual reality training for American military members.

Why It Works: While showing the product experience may be difficult, showing the user’s reaction can be the catalyst from maybe to yes! This type of video demonstrates real-life benefits of a product, service, or initiative. By putting the viewer in someone else’s shoes, they can see how your product or service can help them too.

LAI Video Advantage: This is just a mini version of our documentary magic. We love to show real people doing real things—and moving the needle on your project is the icing on the cake.

Promote Your Product!
Any of these sound like the right fit for your next campaign? Let's talk about it.