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Rebranding Your Company

The 5 Videos You Need To Rebrand Your Company or Event.

Revamping the corporate image of your organization should be a reoccurring practice that shifts, depending on the trends and fluctuations in your consumer’s behavior. Maintain your likeability in the market by showing your company improvements with video!

In your goal to rebrand your organization, consider these types of videos:

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A New Brand Story

When a company or organization rebrands, the rollout can be just as important as the months of meticulous conversation. Video can definitely present that new narrative, literally bringing carefully crafted messaging to life.

Example Project: In an effort to illustrate the National Retail Federation's new "brand story," we carefully strung together relevant soundbites from member interviews and stage presentations, fast-moving b-roll from past campaigns, and on-screen text that precisely states the association's new mission and values.

Why It Works: Tout buy-in from your industry and stakeholders by featuring as an ensemble that can clearly communicate a singular vision for the organization.

Behind The Scenes Preview

When an organization rebrands, it’s important to invite viewers into your process — to reiterate that this is not just a trendy new coat of paint, this is the product of careful considerations and deliberations.

We produced a behind the scenes featurette for the National Industries for the Blind, offering viewers a sneak peek at the reimagining of SKILCRAFT — the brand that offers federal agencies and businesses quality services and products from people who are blind. Long overdue for a refresh, the NIB team not only details the visual changes, but explains the significance of transforming SKILCRAFT into a symbol of opportunity for the blind community.

Why It Works: The behind the scenes preview reminds viewers of the critical role that the National Industries for Blind plays in managing (and continually improving!) the very popular SKILCRAFT brand.

Defining A New Mission/Slogan Video

It’s important to ensure your company’s values are timely and align with the direction of your brand. Occasionally, a mission or slogan makeover is needed in order to restore your brand’s identity and relevancy in todays’ social climate.

Example Project: To combat the public’s growing skepticism and distrust for news outlets, we developed a promotional series for the Washington Times that defined their new slogan, Real News for Real Americans, by highlighting how both consumers and news staff really want the same thing. 

Why It Works: The video bridges the gap between the brand and consumer by highlighting similarities in morals, ethics, and principles.

Rebranding an Event

A great way our clients amp up attendee participation and excitement is by rebranding their traditional event with a fresh new event concept. Optimize event assets (e.g. screens and print media) with a new brand aesthetic.

Example Project: We helped rebrand the NRF’s signature Gala dinner to become Honors, an annual fundraiser that drives the mission of the organization long after the fundraiser event. With new talking points and a fresh set of graphics (some of which debuted in Times Square), we produced this on-site promo to immediately roll out as a sort of video press release. 

Why It Works: Event attendees are submerged into a new fresh event experience, from graphics and videos to print media.

Renaming an Organization

As society advances, so should your business. A change in an organization’s name tends to come after a market shift in social status, purchase behavior, and/or other significant key factors to a target consumer. Changing one’s name can contribute to ease of commercial presence, as well as an overall brand identity revamp.

Example Project: We partnered with credit union formerly known as Fairfax County Federal Credit Union to produce a feel-good commercial that introduces their new brand (and new name!), Next Mark Credit Union.

Why It Works: By keeping the viewer informed, you encourage them to trust the integrity of your brand.

Rebrand Your Company!

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