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Recruiting Talent

The 4 Videos You Need To Recruit Talent

What is it like to work at your company or in your industry? What does your profession actually do? Is recruiting good candidates difficult? Are you trying to attract new generations or demographics to your line of work? Help the talent pool understand what you do and imagine themselves in that role. Talk about the company culture, personal responsibilities, and work-life balance. Using video as a new recruitment strategy provides potential candidates more certainty as to whether or not your company, your industry, and your profession is a good fit for them.

The following types of videos are the most effective for recruiting talent:

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Identity Video

Stand out from the crowd of recruiters by providing a high-energy overview of your company and its identity.

Example Project: We partnered with DLT Solutions to define its organization with its diverse team – carefully selecting participants to passionately speak to the tech company’s mission and how it directly ties to their personal growth.

Why It Works: Trusting younger team members to represent the company is a refreshing way to attract new employees looking to make an impact in the tech industry.

LAI Video Advantage: We specialize in drawing out authentic moments from participants who are less familiar with the spotlight. While the final product is documentary-lite, it still packs a high-energy edit with fast-moving, sweeping visuals to work as a proper recruitment promo. 

Culture Video

Display all the perks and privileges that come with working at your company and attract new talent.

Example Project: We worked with HITT demonstrate their company values and “Stay Humble” mantra.

Why It Works: By successfully depicting HITT’S work style, job candidates can gain a better understanding of the company culture. This type of video provides insight into your office atmosphere while highlighting candidates’ frequently asked questions.

LAI Video Advantage: When creating a culture video, you’re appealing to emotions and a sense of belonging. We like to get to know you—what drives you, what makes you unique—and share your personality with the world.  

Day-in-the-life/ Behind-the-scenes Video

Ever wondered what it’s like to be ______?  Give your audience an in-depth, engaging answer to this question by following a single story, for a moment in time.

Example Project: Working with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, we designed and launched their “I’m a CFP Pro” campaign, profiling several young professionals defining the industry.

Why It Works: The documentary approach provides an authentic look at the successes and challenges of actual people, working actual jobs.

LAI Video Advantage: By going “behind the scenes,” potential employees are granted insight into your organization’s approach and values. These types of videos show-off your corporate team and give the viewer a new sense of appreciation for what you do, and how you go about doing it.

Spotlight Video

Zoom in on a specific employee/ talent story that speaks to the whole of your company culture.

Example Project: As a sponsor of Women in Government Relations, we produced the first installment in a new series that highlights the incredible professionals working in Washington.

Why It Works: Spotlight videos help to humanize your brand, debunk stereotypes, and draw attention to an underrated—or even unknown— aspect of your company. They also serve to showcase employee potential as well as their belief in your company’s core values.

LAI Video Advantage: Striving for that perfect candid, in-action footage? We have you covered. Plus, we capitalize on our time with you to get footage that creates emotion and sparks a reaction.

What are the 4 Video Types?

Understand how each type of video can help recruit talent for your organization.

What is an Identity Video?

Identity videos are used to showcase what makes an organization unique and different from other recruiters in the same area. These videos demonstrate the culture and environment in the organization’s workplace, as well as the people who work there and the relationships built. An identity video is a recruitment strategy that can help differentiate one brand from others; and motivate people to apply to the organization as a whole, or to a specific program or position.

What is a Culture Video?

culture video identifies the general environment between coworkers through footage that highlights every aspect of the organization’s structure and functionality. Using this type of video as a recruitment strategy helps potential applicants get a better idea of what the general workspace is like as well as how different people within the office interact and work together. The video can highlight a company value that is implemented in the workplace to better connect to applicant’s emotions.  

What is a Day in the Life or Behind the Scenes Video?

A day-in-the-life or behind the scenes video follows the story of someone within the organization with the goal of answering applicants’ questions of what a day on the job looks like: including what problems/challenges are faced in the position. These videos provide general insight to possible applicants with regards to working within the organization and how its values are reflected through their employees.

What is a Spotlight Video?

A spotlight video places focus on an individual that embodies an organization’s culture and values: showing their story of their specific involvement with a brand through honest footage that highlights the connection between employees and a brand’s values. It highlights the importance of an employee, allowing potential candidates to understand the crucial component every member plays in an organization.  

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