Redesigning Your Website

The 4 Videos You Need To Redesign Your Website

Redesigning a website is no easy task. Between focusing on the user experience and SEO implications, it’s a huge undertaking. Today, more than ever, videos are a must-include item! Face it, videos constitute our preferred method of content consumption. Not to mention, Google loves them. By including the following types of videos, your website will be more than just re-done—it’ll be completely revamped.

If you're looking to redesign your website, consider including the following types of videos:

Identity Video

When a potential customer first visits your site, a proper introduction is warranted. Put your best foot forward with an identity video and show the world what makes your company unique—and what it stands for.

Example Project: We created a compelling identity video for the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C., depicting its values, traditions, and of course, benefits.

Why It Works: When a potential customer spends time watching your video, they're likely to spend more time perusing your website as well. An identity video is especially helpful in communicating brand history, defining a company’s mission, and showing personality.

LAI Video Advantage:You want your identity video to stand out and showcase what makes you, you. Our team takes the time to get to know your culture and big ideas so we can make a video that highlights the best of your organization.

Explainer Video

By adding an explainer video to your website, you immediately present potential customers with the nuts and bolts of your company—in a way that’s enjoyable and engaging.

Example Project: Partnering with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), we produced a series of short videos that feature the think tank’s president, Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, discussing insights from his book, Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

Why It Works: The combination of in-person insights and intermittent animation break down complex topics in an intimate, welcoming manner. This type of video can explain something intangible or complex, as well as show solutions, benefits, and functionality.

LAI Video Advantage: Seamlessly incorporating animation and graphics into “real life” is no easy feat, but it can have incredibly successful results. At LAI, our team of animators and expert filmmakers use various tactics and creative angles to create the best video for your company.

SEO Video

To attract even more traffic to your website, include a video that’s optimized for SEO. They’re designed to answer a specific question that’s frequently searched, increasing its chances of being a top result.

Example Project: Partnering with the International Franchise Association, we created an animated video to answer the question, “What is a franchise?”

Why It Works: In a straight-forward (yet creative) manner, this video effectively answers a frequently asked question and holds the viewer’s attention, too!

LAI Video Advantage: We know how to maintain a much-needed balance between the informative and the creative. With a thorough understanding of the kinds of content that rank well in search engine results and expertise in all things video, we have lots of ideas for getting your message across—and noticed— as effectively as possible.

Testimonial/Spotlight Video

Engage the audience on a personal level by telling a story. Select a single element—be it a person or a process—that is most representative of your brand.

Example Project: We made a featurette for FOX Architects in order to present a closer look into the team’s approach to creating spaces.

Why It Works: In demonstrating the design and thought process behind the company’s creations, this type of video showcases the talent of individuals as well as the success of the team.

LAI Video Advantage: Show the lift and length of work involved in a process and give the viewer a new sense of appreciation for what you do. Statistics and facts are great, but stories elicit emotion and create memorable connections.
Redesign Your Website!
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