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Promoting a New Initiative

The 4 Videos You Need To Promote A New Initiative

If launching a new campaign or promoting a company-wide change is a priority, video will help you achieve it. Present your audience with a series of creative videos that are easily shareable and fun to watch. And if the initiatives are public, they’ll not only reach a wider audience, but also improve SEO rankings and maintain the interest of potential customers.

The following types of videos are the most effective for promoting new business initiatives:

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Trailer Video

Hype your company’s new changes and give your audience a taste of exciting things to come. Trailer videos are perfect to build excitement during an event.

Example Project:  Partnering with National Retail Federation for Retail’s Digital Summit, we created an opening video to kick-off the event and build attendee enthusiasm.

Why It Works: By providing introductory context and generating anticipation, the trailer effectively teases what will be an unforgettable experience. It successfully promotes awareness, anticipation, and memorability.

LAI Video Advantage: Capturing an audience’s attention (and holding it) can be a challenge for any company or organization. At LAI, our team guarantees high-quality creations that’ll engage and resonate with viewers.

Awareness / Explainer Video

Deliver the big picture of your mission and objectives. Let your audience in on how it will work or affect them personally.

Example Project: We aided the National Retail Federation in rolling out their new credentialing program by creating an animated “About” video.

Why It Works: The video uses colorful animation to explain the details of the program in an efficient, enjoyable manner. Its eye-catching graphics walk users through a process and provide clear explanations.

LAI Video Advantage: When working on an explainer video—or any video for that matter—fresh, creative ideas are often hard to come by. Luckily, our team has no shortage of creativity. And since video is our expertise, we have lots of ideas for getting your message across as effectively as possible. See more ways to build awareness with video

Behind the Scenes Video

Recognize unsung heroes who may otherwise go unnoticed. Illustrate the hard work that was put in to make company initiatives come to life and give your audience a peek into a world they rarely (or never) see.

Example Project: We helped the Department of State celebrate the artisans responsible for preserving some of our nation’s most prestigious diplomatic reception rooms, documenting the crafts-peoples’ brilliant efforts in this Emmy-award winning video.

Why It Works: By going “behind the scenes,” potential customers or stakeholders are granted insight into your organization’s approach and values—placing your talented team before your amazing product.  These types of videos show off the team behind a project, and demonstrate the lift and length of work involved in a process, and give the viewer a new sense of appreciation for what you do.

LAI Video Advantage: We’re a smart and curious team—we want to learn about your behind-the-scenes action and tell the world about it! Not to mention, we’re pros at getting the best angles for large-scale projects and have the latest video technology (including video drones!) 

Spotlight Video

Focus on a single aspect of the new initiative (its motivations, implementation, etc.) and the positive results it will bring to fruition.

Example Project: We worked with the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation to spotlight its pilot for a mobile health initiative.

Why It Works: This video highlights the program’s success while adding a human dimension to an industry that otherwise may not be overtly emotional. It uses a real-life example to bring statistics to life as well as foster an emotional and personal connection with the viewer.

LAI Video Advantage: A main challenge in representing an initiative is piecing a story together (or deciding on one in the first place). Fortunately, we have a team of expert storytellers who enjoy delivering audiences creative, meaningful messages.

What are the 4 Video Types?

Understand how to use each type of video to promote new initiatives.

What is a Trailer Video?

trailer is used to promote business initiatives through a short video that shows changes to a brand, new capabilities, or a ‘teaser’ of what’s to come. Trailer videos can be used as a marketing strategy to effectively give consumers a preview of what their experience with the organization will be like—further engaging them to the new company initiatives and to the brand itself. These are beneficial for creating awareness and anticipation over the brand’s next steps and endeavors.

What is an Awareness or Explainer Video?

Awareness or explainer videos are used to provide more information to the consumer about how company initiatives relate to them and how they work. These can be animated videos in order to explain it clearly through colorful graphics that can catch the audience’s attention. The awareness/explainer video delves into business initiatives that will benefit the consumer’s relationship to the brand: building trust so they can come to understand the brand’s purpose and future plans.

What is a Behind-the-Scenes Video?

behind the scenes video is effective for demonstrating the work and the people behind a company initiative or project. It highlights the collective effort put on behalf of a team: helping promote business initiatives in a new light. These videos give (potential) customers the opportunity to see a different side of a brand by gaining insight into how an organization structures their initiatives as well as the value of the work being done.

What is a Spotlight Video?

Spotlight videos are useful for promoting business initiatives because these emphasize only one aspect of it: whether it be the idea behind the initiative, the process and effort put into it, or its results. This type of video tells a story (of the initiative and the brand) to create an emotional connection and generate a response from consumers or viewers—it goes beyond the facts, gives life to the initiative, and communicates the meaningful message behind it.


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