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Speaker Marketing & Presentation Assets

Custom high quality marketing materials, designed to promote the hottest speakers on the circuit!

The Speaker Promo

From TED talks and industry conferences to webinars and TV appearances, LAI will compile your greatest hits into an insightful four to five minute commercial. Speaker promo products range from tightly edited “best of” sizzles to more comprehensive packages that use scripting, voice over narration and original animation to overview biography and best position your story for audiences. 

The Thought Leader Promo

Taking a look beyond speaking engagements, LAI will produce a 60 second ad that highlights the many services that you offer as a "subject matter expert." Whether it's participating in virtual meetings, hosting group workshops or even drafting op-eds, these highly-produced videos open with a direct address introduction from you, before you make your case as an industry “leading authority.”

The Book Promo

Releasing a new book? Authors and publishers are increasingly using video marketing to generate buzz and target specific markets. Our team will produce a trailer that teases your book’s major themes without giving away too much. Our most successful book promos have featured the author highlighting specific chapters or offering his or her candid philosophies about an industry.

The Speaker Intro

Give your next talk the starting momentum it deserves with a high-energy introduction video. With thoughtful scripting and powerful voice over narration, we’ll share your backstory with audience members, quickly overviewing your career’s accomplishments while teasing your talk’s major themes. Once a video like this brings you to the stage, you’ll never want to go back to the “podium” introduction again. 

The Presentation Redesign

Does your PowerPoint presentation meet audience expectations? Does it hold up in a virtual meeting environment? Does it reflect your personal brand? Our team of designers will rebuild your existing PowerPoint into a worthy audio-visual supplement that refuses to undermine your message with endless bullet points. From developing a new theme to creating custom, signature moments, we adhere to strict design principles when it comes to the art of slide-making.

The Website

Your website is your digital calling card, and LAI will build or rebuild a site that’s worthy of your brand. Following the latest user experience trends, the website will use custom, contemporary design to house your biography, speaker videos, client testimonials, social media posts and blog content.

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