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Meet The Team

LAI Video houses some of the industry's most creative, intelligent, and ruthless talent. Our team of video warriors, scoundrels, and do-gooders is trained to push the grandest of ideas into the smallest of production timelines.
  • Susy Shaw

    Susy is a senior account director and also a bit of a sales ninja with experience in a variety of industries from Florida Real Estate to the On-line Advertising arena.

  • Anthony Jacoway

    Under his calm exterior, Anthony is simmering with big ideas and a bottomless reserve of the latest industry trends.

  • Justin Kelly

    Justin Kelly brings an emotional fluency to our scripts that help us continue to deliver the wow factor that our clients have come to expect. He's always simmering with big ideas and a bottomless reserve of the latest industry trends.

  • Mike Clinger

    Hailing from the wild Midwest, Mike can graphic himself out of a tight spot when necessary. It’s never necessary because that’s not how life works, but still, he could probably do it.

  • Victoria Gambriel

    Victoria is an Associate Producer + Project Manager at LAI Video, helping her clients to identify, conceptualize, and execute fresh and compelling stories.

  • Chelsie Pennello

    A recent graduate of Syracuse University’s film program and track and field team, Chelsie brought her love for video production and everybody’s least favorite physical activity to the LAI Video team.

  • Adam Katz

    Adam is LAI Videos’ Proposal Writer. He understands that pitching big ideas requires more than simple splash and sizzle — it takes hard work, tenacity and good old-fashioned fact-finding.

  • Brittany Conley

    Brittany’s previous career experience has allowed her to develop the skillsets needed to ensure workflow is streamlined and efficient at every step of the video production process.

  • Myriah Savage

    Myriah is a sales assistant who supports our four video sales people. We're pretty sure they couldn't live without her.

  • Rebecca Lincks

    She leads a team of marketing professionals and is responsible for leading and executing key projects for the firm.

  • Brie Merhar

    Brie is a marketer involved in all things digital ranging from this beautiful website to the hefty responsibility of database management.

  • Maeve Elliott

    Maeve Elliott hails from Philadelphia and joined the Leading Authorities in September 2016.