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Event Promotion

Using video to hype your event is not just a better way to drive attendance, it’s also a valuable opportunity to introduce attendees to the upcoming experience your organization has worked hard to create. LAI Video is here to explain what is a promotional video and help you build anticipation for your programming so you can rally your members around the mission driving your organization, using vivid, emotionally resonant and informative promotional content.

The Donation Video

Make sure your organization's larger goals are front and center with a powerful and informative donation video. Use it to showcase your fundraising initiatives and visualize the meaningful impact your organization has on the community. Whether it’s a thank you to your donors, or a preview of a new campaign, a donation video provides a rousing touch point to remind your attendees of the real value of coming together.

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The Animated Series

Animation is a highly impactful way to engage and inform your audience before and during your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Our expert animators will help you create a rich visual world, where you can show and tell just about anything with greater efficiency and finesse than almost any other medium. Using sharp scripting and professional narration, you’ll have total control over your message. We'll help you create a powerful evergreen animated series you can use throughout your marketing strategy.

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The Promo

What is a promo video? You've put your time and resources into creating an awesome experience. Make sure your stakeholders have it marked on their calendars with an anticipation-building promotional video. Why are promotional videos important? A great promo is more than just a first look at your experience. It's an opportunity to show your audience that your program is much more immersive than a webinar. Using energetic kinetic typography, or scripted professional voice over, as well as a thoughtful blend of existing video and custom graphics, our team will help you create an informative and attention-grabbing message that will have your attendees counting the days.

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The Recap

The recap video can be an important piece of how you realize your event ROI. Our team has a history of making truly inspiring recaps. And we bring the same eye for detail and technical expertise to the virtual, hybrid, or in-person variety.  First, we'll perform a comprehensive screen capture of all your sessions, keynotes, panels, and breakouts. We'll then conduct testimonial interviews with attendees and edit it all down into an energetic expose of the event. To add more excitement and a truly polished look, we'll apply a customized graphic wrapper that will make your recap "pop."  

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