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Expert Explainer Videos

Explainers are a popular and trusted marketing tool because they are effective and entertaining. Learn more about creating an explainer video!

What Is An Expert Explainer Video?

There's never been a more relevant time to add an Explainer video to your communications strategy. So what are explainer videos? Explainers are a popular and trusted marketing tool, and there's a simple reason why: they provide an effective and entertaining way to communicate big, complex ideas quickly. As one the leading explainer video companies in DC, LAI Video can help you package up your expertise and share it with the world.

Take a look at this explainer video we created by combining commentary from economist and financial expert Dr. Marci Rossell with sophisticated, yet simple motion design.

Why It Works

We encourage organizations to embrace the explainer video and its purpose. Why? Aside from the practical necessity, it's also a visual shorthand that says your organization is in it with the world, that you're doing your part to social distance, but still keeping engaged and sharing your insight. And of course, LAI Video's team of pros will help you make the most of your webcam footage.

How We Do It

  • We provide remote and hybrid interview subjects with a best practices document that provides an easy step-by-step process to achieve the best lighting, camera placement, and sound.
  • We add polish to lower resolution footage by placing it inside a graphic container – notice Dr. Rossell's interview plays inside the screen of a computer monitor.
  • Our editors cut the virtual conversation into a finely-tuned, but still natural-sounding, messaging machine. 
  • Then we add in the wow-factor with emotive animation and sound design 

The Animated Explainer

Building an explainer around a remote or hybrid interview may shorten the useful life of your content. A fully animated explainer is a more appropriate option if your goal is to create an evergreen message. And with more robust animation, you can take as much control as you want over each step in the process – from scripting your message, to the design and complexity of the visual world we create to explore the nuts and bolts of your topic. 

Our graphic artists and motion designers may be working from home, but they're fully prepared to create sophisticated custom graphic design and animation that will pull your message into focus and keep viewers from scrolling on.

Scripting & Design

Smart scripting and striking isometric design elements work together to create an exciting animated world where complex ideas are quickly broken into smaller parts, and massive data points are effortlessly reduced to human scale. 

NTCA came to us to help them bring to life the transformative impact rural broadband  providers are having in small-town America. We created a vibrant explainer that uses playful world-building and simple animated characters to illustrate the many ways increased access to broadband is making life in rural communities better.  

Graphics & Animation

Our graphic artists and motion designers are fully prepared to create sophisticated custom graphic design and animation that will pull your message into focus and keep viewers from scrolling on.

We partnered with NAREIT to explain how REITs (real estate investment trusts for those who don't speak REIT) play an essential role in fueling the growth of the latest 5G communications technologies. 

Let's Talk Solutions

Whatever your content or message may be, LAI Video can help you find an effective and cost-conscious way to communicate it with an explainer video. Let's connect and create your next great video series!

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