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Event Continuity

There's a difference between your company happy hour Zoom call and a for-real virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Meet your viewers' expectations with high-quality graphics and production value that transform your meeting into an unforgettable experience.

The Show Opener

This is your opportunity to pull your audience a little closer to their screens, build anticipation for your programming, and establish the parameters for an unforgettable virtual, hybrid, or in-person experience. Our team of visual storytellers will translate your event's guiding themes and takeaways into an energy-filled inspirational opening movement, using powerful imagery and motion design.

Check out LAI's Day of Ideas inspiring opener clip

Interstitial Bumpers

Elevate your program with short, attention-grabbing Interstitial Bumpers between sessions. Using polished motion graphics or treated still images or video, interstitial bumpers provide an extra degree of control over the pace and tone of your event. We can help you deliver a burst of energy and need-to-know information to keep the show moving and audiences connected to your programming.

Check out the interstitial bumpers we put together for NRF

The Sponsor Recognition

A polished sponsor recognition video is an incredible opportunity to say thank you and provide the folks who help make it all possible, pride of place at a key point in your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. We'll design and animate beautiful video loops featuring sponsors logos, event branding, and kinetic text so you can show your stakeholders just how much appreciate them in a truly a bold way. Learn even more ways to engage your sponsors virtually.

Check out NRF Foundation's sponsor recognitions

The Speaker Intro

Give your keynotes speakers the glowing introduction they deserve with a short video highlighting key facts form their personal biographies using fast-moving visuals. A great speaker intro pulls double duty, keeping your audience informed and engaged in your programming. Our editors and motion designers will help dial up the energy and anticipation for your next presenter using stylish motion graphics and kinetic text paired with treated video and still image assets.

The Graphics Package

Elevate your audiences' event experience with a custom graphics package that gives you visual continuity across your entire program. We can help you adapt your organization's brand for a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event experience with custom theming, moving backdrops, lower thirds, and more.

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