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Virtual/Hybrid Event Content

Leveraging the power of prerecorded video content to engage, inspire, and inform is key to creating a flawlessly produced remote or hybrid experience for your attendees. Whether you're providing a special platform for a keynote or executive address, or telling a story that will energize and excite your attendees, LAI Video can help you create professional content that will help you produce a virtual or hybrid experience audiences won't soon forget.

Hosted Remarks

When you go hybrid or virtual, video is the medium that lets you give a keynote speaker the main stage treatment. Our producers will ensure the people who set the tone of your event will look and sound their best in a polished Hosted Remarks video. Whether we record remotely, or in our black box studio in Washington, D.C., we'll direct your message to be candid yet polished, then enhance it with thoughtful editing and custom motion graphics. LAI Video worked with LAI Speaker Marci Rossell to record this hosted remark on the current economic environment.

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The Community Message

Bring out the shared emotions and collective purpose that connect your audience with a poignant, professionally narrated message to your members. Whether you want to celebrate the employees or recognize the impact of an industry that has stayed nimble to serve the greater good, LAI Video can weave together visual assets you have on hand with stock video and user-generated footage to tell a story that will move your audience and inspire engagement that will last beyond your virtual or hybrid event. LAI Video put together an "Until We Meet Again" video to share with our audience.

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The Tribute Video

Today, tribute videos have a powerful place in your virtual or hybrid event program– they are more than just a way to honor the unique accomplishments of a deserving individual – they are an opportunity to bring your members together to tell the story of an individual and the industry your honoree has impacted. We can help you organize and capture testimony from colleagues, friends, and family, using the remote recording protocol we've developed to capture a high-quality video without asking attendees to leave their homes or offices. LAI Video worked with NGA to put together this tribute video to Peter Larkin.

The Panel Interview

Add a dynamic conversation with a group of experts to your remote or hybrid event, without the additional headaches or cost of hosting a live panel. Our team will connect with participants and capture a lively, insight-filled exchange, then edit content into an engaging and invaluable resource for your virtual audience. Whether your content will be available on-demand or integrated into your schedule of events, we can provide a polished panel discussion that will blend in seamlessly with your live virtual/hybrid sessions. LAI put together this panel interview during its Plan V Series.

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