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Today, advocacy and awareness campaigns have an even more vital role in keeping audiences informed, engaged, and inspired to keep moving forward. We’re here to help you create imaginative video content using engaging animation and motion design, remote, hybrid, or in-person interviews, and crowdsourced content.

Campaign and Policy Explainers

Advocacy is all about fueling change. A smart, engaging animated explainer can be the perfect tool to help you focus your audience’s limited attention on the ideas and emotions most likely to inspire them to act. When making a difference is what matters, animation gives you total control over how you get there. This is your opportunity to show and say just about anything to help simplify your policy platform or heighten the urgency of your giving campaign. No matter what you seek to accomplish, we can help you craft a successful advocacy campaign using sophisticated, evergreen animation. 

We partnered with The National Association of Chain Drug Stores to create this two-part get-out-the-vote campaign targeting a unique slice of the American electorate - the next generation of pharmacists. Here, lively animation and sound design provide the vehicle for a no-nonsense, non-partisan message. It’s great example of how LAI Video uses smart design and approachable messaging to exude urgency and purpose – all in just 30-short-seconds. 

Why Make An Animated Campaign/Policy Explainer?

  • Animation gives you total freedom to shape the tone, visual style, and ultimately the message of your Advocacy video – From seriously urgent to seriously entertaining, or somewhere in the middle.
  • Sophisticated animation and motion design bring life to any issue.
  • Faster turnaround times mean getting the message right and getting it fast aren’t mutually exclusive.

Sometimes you need to dive deeper into an issue to get your point across. We created this 90-second Policy Explainer for the Federation of State Medical Boards to help them make the case for eliminating a critical barrier between patients and doctors. Here, concise scripting, a contemporary look, and smart motion design make it clear that FSMB's reform efforts aren't just better policy, they're also part of inevitable change.

PSA Videos

We love animation for its versatility. Use it with equal effect to appeal to your viewer’s emotions, introduce humor, or make a point with persuasive data and statistics. LAI Video created this animated COVID-19 Safety Guide that effectively, and perhaps daringly, blends light-hearted, human copywriting and design with an extremely important message.

Our humorous approach works for us because we don’t claim to be a health and wellness authority, but we are creative communicators. Using a blend of kinetic typography, vector graphics, and stock assets, we were able to quickly produce a unique take on the typical Coronavirus updates filling our social feeds. We’ll help you dial in the best tone for your message, but here, a little humor goes a long way to keep viewers engaged, and hopefully, lift spirits along the way.

What Gives the Animated PSA It’s Power?

  • Animation = Evergreen. LAI Video can deliver high-quality animation and design while we work remotely. If your message is timeless, your animation will be too.
  • Animation is the medium to deliver complex or difficult to digest messages in extremely watchable portions.
  • Animation can be made flexibly and effectively for a wide range of budgets.
  • Animation and motion design often offer faster turn arounds for messages that you need to share now.

This example produced by the AD Council, in association with the CDC, also uses kinetic text and limited graphics to answer common questions about Coronavirus. An authoritative but helpful tone and no-frills design scheme work together to create a video that informs and supports the viewer. Subtle motion and a minimalist vector-based graphics provide just enough visual interest to keep audiences engaged so that the message can take the spotlight.

Crowdsourced Awareness Video

Some messages are better said through a collective voice. We can help you script a concise and informative video message that will sound truly authentic when delivered by a crowd. Whether it’s spoken by your organization’s leaders, a group of industry experts, or your diverse membership, our producers can help coordinate and capture a stirring message featuring faces and voices from around the world. Our editors will bring it together by adding lower thirds, branded graphics, and onscreen captioning for silent social viewing.

What are the advantages of a crowdsourced advocacy videos?

  • Cost-conscious and potent content – Your members or advocates donate their time and record themselves – minimizing production cost.
  • Add an undeniably human touch to your PSA – seeing faces from across a company or community conveys solidarity and empathy in difficult circumstances.
  • Built for social – crowdsourced content looks right at home on your social channels – but we’ll optimize it for the platforms of your choice.

Mini Social Campaigns

Circumstances can change overnight. We can help you keep your audience up to date with an informative, shareable social campaign for your most time-sensitive advocacy goals. 

While we created this promo for No Kid Hungry’s Powered by Breakfast event activation long before the arrival of COVID-19, it’s a comprehensive showcase of the treatments and techniques we’ll use to quickly turn your message into a scroll-stopping advocacy tool. 

We’ll take your visual assets – video clips, social media, and press clippings, event collateral, raw data, you name it – and create a custom graphic container where they all blend seamlessly. Lively kinetic typography and fluid motion design help grab your attention and allow you to communicate ideas and emotions with ease. 

Let our pros take your message and elevate it by using precisely crafted motion design to create a handful of short, high-impact videos so you can spread the word across your social channels ASAP.

Powerful communications come in small packages

  • Quick turnaround and rollout to serve the rapidly evolving needs of your business or organization
  • Clean vector graphics and high-impact text package your message for effective delivery with or without the sound on
  • A staggered release means you don’t have to decide what you want to say all at once

How Are You Advocating?

If you are thinking about how to raise awareness or create an advocacy campaign, let's talk about how we can partner with you to reach your goals.

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