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Visual Elements of Virtual Meetings

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What Is A Virtual Meeting Cleanup?

How do you create high-quality professional video content in a virtual setting? LAI Video can help you make use of the tools and technologies that power everyday digital collaboration – Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, you name it – to keep telling amazing stories. Whether your virtual or hybrid event features a remote roundtable discussion or a keynote style address, our pros can help you capture, clean up, and package your content to create stunning visual elements that make a big impact.

Webcam Magic

Your virtual or hybrid meeting isn’t going to replace the experience of attending a live event. But how you package your content can mean the difference between delivering a memorable experience or just another Skype call. Take a look at this before and after example we created for a web talk featuring General Stanley McChrystal and Chris Fussell of the McChrystal Group, and the difference is obvious. By adding a sleek bumper, and simple title card, our graphic artist elevated the experience from a C-SPAN rebroadcast, to Masterclass. The result is a cohesive presentation with a tactical look that better reflects the McChrystal Group’s brand and reputation as experts in leadership and teamwork. Our expertise in creating remarkable sleek graphics is shown in the Human Story of Digital Transformation portfolio, which contains only Webcam footage. Through stunning background visual elements we elevated our clients dynamic storytelling.

Powerful visuals to pull in your audience

While audiences are tuning in from their laptops, the next best thing to an immersive edge-blend screen might be the graphic treatment you use for your remote or hybrid event speakers. Take a look at the slides we created to accompany a presentation for our client's virtual event.

We’ve divided the frame between the speaker's webcam video and the slides he uses throughout his presentation. The slides also function as a graphic wrapper that encompasses the conference's event theme, providing a way to seamlessly incorporate onscreen text, and add gripping visual interest to what would otherwise be a great discussion delivered via webcam video only. Let us give your next remote event or prerecorded message an impressive upgrade using powerful visuals

Animation Brings Complex Ideas Into Focus

Adding animated graphics to remote or hybrid video content is an effective way to bring more nuance to a discussion while also amplifying its entertainment value and social shareability. Our “COVID-19 Economists” series is a great example of the polish we can achieve using a completely remote process. By combining remote interviews with limited motion graphics and sound design, we deliver an engaging and informative visual experience that’s hard to click away from.

We crafted this “explainer” video from scratch. It’s a more robust example of our virtual cleanup capabilities, but we’ve applied the same key elements to pull it off! Check out our other explainer videos hallmarked with engaging visuals, graphic design, and robust scripts.

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