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What is a "Day in the Life?"


While we recently celebrated the wonders of animation in our Fo’ Real Motion Reel, there’s nothing quite as for-real-for-real as a well done live-action video. And lately, we’re spending whole days following around our subjects.


A “Day in the Life” is a nickname for a video that authentically captures the spirit of an individual’s life or profession. Inspired by documentary filmmaking, this is an inherently emotional technique because it can personify a job with a very real human story. As viewers grow weary of videos that are too "corporate" or "commercial-y," this can be a refreshingly honest tactic for promoting little-known careers to younger generations or connecting Congress to industry issues. 


Day in the Life of a Certified Financial Planner


Day in the Life of a Life-Long Retailer



Day in the Life of a Lineman's Lineman

And coming soon: Day in the Life of an Industrial Hygenist. We're not even joking!

So call us. We’ll help you identify who best embodies your industry’s story. Or totally debunks it. 

The LAI Video nerds can’t wait to follow your people around.

For a day.

In their lives.

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