Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

Senior Scriptwriter + Editor

A lot happens on the page before the LAI Video team can bring a project to life onscreen, and Justin Kelly is proud to help shape our award-winning content as LAI Video’s Senior Scriptwriter and Editor. We rely on Justin to help us deliver work that is high-energy and impactful, whether he’s writing for a video shoot, animation, or creating online content for our blog and social media.

With a background in technical writing, editing, and project management, and a passion for creative non-fiction and poetry, Justin brings an attention to detail, and an emotional fluency to our scripts that will help us continue to deliver the wow factor that our clients have come to expect.

As a recovering literature major, Justin trusts you’ll be considerate if you bump into him by not bringing up any theories of modernity, or whether tis nobler to read Hemingway or Faulkner. He literally can’t even.