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LAI Video Presents: Internal Comms Webinar

LAI Video Presents Internal Comms Webinar

Internal Comms Webinar on Marketing to Staff and Membership

We've been going at this pandemic for over a year now, but how do we keep that "we're in this together" spirit while working apart? How do you talk with staff, membership and other internal stakeholders? What works? What's ignored?

On April 20th, we held our second webinar in a special series of virtual conversations that explores the unique marketing challenges of the day. This panel conversation included mar-comm pros from some of DC’s top associations and companies. We discussed: 

  • Best practices for engaging with internal audiences remotely 
  • Critical topics for 2023, including safety and return to work 
  • The pandemic's long-term effects on marketing to staff and membership

Check out our first hosted webinar on adapting your advocacy.

Meet the Internal Comms Webinar Panelists

Aubrey Armstrong of HITT Contracting, Francis Dietz of Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, and Ben Rome of AIHA were our headlining panelists for our internal comms webinar.

Internal Comms Webinar Panelists

Managing Your Internal Comms Pro Tips

Our panelists highlighted four pro tips to keep in mind when crafting internal comms messages within your organization.

Pro Tip #1: Internal Comms is About Layers (and Board Buy-In)

Pro Tip #2: Internal Comms is About Leveling the Playing Field

Pro Tip #3: Internal Comms is About Authenticity

Pro Tip #4: Internal Comms is About Respecting Your Audience

Start Crafting Your Internal Comms Messaging Today

Having trouble finding the right words to say? LAI Video can help! We can assist in crafting the perfect message to your organization with an internal video, potentially through an executive message. Contact us to get started! 

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