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Branding and Design Services

A strong, unified brand is essential to creating new sales, driving loyalty, and staying relevant in a saturated market. How are you keeping your brand assets fresh and creative? LAI Video’s branding and design services drive brand recognition and cohesion, helping you build a leading brand that lasts. 

LAI Video’s brand services range from graphic design and website building to identity videos and digital commercials. We partner with your leaders to center the values, goals, and pillars of your organization, creating interconnected and consistent messaging across the platforms you identify. When you’re ready, let’s launch the brand that drives your success. 

Explore how our industry-leading video production, graphic design, and creative services work in tandem to achieve your brand goals:

Brand Video Production

Whether you’re launching a new product, highlighting company culture, or aiming to increase engagement, our video production team makes your brand stand out. We specialize in creating compelling and visually stunning brand videos including identity videos, animated bumpers, product spotlights, and more, elevating your brand presence across our digital world.  

Watch our brand identity video for the International Baccalaureate at right, or view our world-building spotlights for CheckMarx here

Brand Identity & Graphic Design Services

How do you extend your brand identity, value, and reach while maintaining consistency? At LAI Video, we understand that impactful design is more than just eye-catching visuals; it's a strategic tool to communicate your brand essence. Our team boasts industry-leading visual artists that weave together design elements to create a lasting and impactful impression on your audience. 

Check out our brand assets for the National Retail Federation playing over Times Square!

Why Should I Use Branded Video?

Your brand works best when it evokes emotion in your audience, and nothing establishes that impact like video. Whether you want to create a sense of connection, value, or mystery with your consumers, brand video creates the base that all other assets build upon. LAI Video can help you form the central value of your brand, communicate that value visually, and distribute your brand where it can drive recognition. 

See the power of brand video in Crowell & Moring's DEI Story.

How to use branded content

Drive social engagements, reach new audiences online, or reinforce customer-facing assets with your new branded content. LAI Video will not only provide a range of content designed for specific platforms like web, social, and email, but also help you distribute content for maximum visibility. Our digital advertising services reach your consumers where they already are, strengthening your brand with consistent, high-quality content. 

Learn more about our digital advertising services here


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