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Software and Tech Video Services

How are you standing out in a crowded industry? Whether you need to differentiate your innovative product, pitch your newest investors, or hire tech’s best talent, LAI Video provides unique creative and top-line video to achieve your goals. We’ve worked with AI companies, SAAS products, and Fortune 500 employers. Imagine how we could help you. See our tech and software industry work below:

Product and Software Promos

Showcase your product in action using promotional video production. Whether you’re selling SAAS tools or the latest innovation in AI, LAI Video will find unique ways to highlight your best features and drive sales. In addition, our creative team can structure your message for:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Broadcast
  • Or distribution of any kind

See how we helped Checkmarx target their key software customers with engaging, futuristic product promos. 

Recruitment Campaigns

Hire more top candidates with LAI Video’s recruitment campaigns. Our videos target qualified candidates and appeal to experienced professionals that buy-into your organization’s culture. By focusing on the values and employees that define who you are, our videos connect with:

  • Future Top Performers
  • Innovative Leaders
  • Technical Masters
  • Experienced, Qualified Employees

Watch our recruitment campaign with Amazon and AWS which led to a new generation of qualified and disruptive Principal Engineers.

Technology Explainers

How are you communicating your value to customers and investors? Explainer videos leverage animation to guide viewers through complex processes, products, and questions. Our team will find a custom style that fits your audience while our scriptwriters clearly and concisely address the central topic. Consider technology explainers to:

  • Showcase your product's value
  • Answer FAQs
  • Train employees and stakeholders
  • Communicate complex technology

View our work with the Federation of State Medical Boards, which promoted their new online tool, Provider Bridge. 

Digital Advertising

Reach targeted customers where they’re most likely to act with LAI Video’s digital advertising services. With tech and software experience, our creative team will locate your top audience, motivate them with effective messaging, and drive your success. Digital advertising can help you:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase sales and subscriptions
  • Target specific industries and demographics
  • Achieve your engagement goals

See our partnership with DocuSign, where we helped them sell Government-specific services through targeted outreach. 

Why LAI Video for Tech Video Production?

With considerable experience in the tech and software industry, an innovative team of creatives, and a commitment to making campaigns that work, LAI Video is your next video partner. We’ll help you grow and break all confines, finding new approaches and ideas to keep your company moving forward. In addition, our strategic location in Washington, D.C., helps you reach the nation’s regulators, tech experts, and key stakeholders, building a brand that’s meant to last.


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